10 favourites this week (#87)


I can't believe it's time for Monday favourites again already! This week has been a fab one and now I'm on my holidays (I'll stop going on about it soon, promise) so this is basically the best Monday ever. How have all your weeks been? Here are my favourites from the past seven days...

1) Overnight oats

I have been loving overnight oats recently - they're such a quick and easy breakfast and I love that I don't need to faff about making them when I'm in a rush in the morning! This week I feel like I've finally nailed the recipe and have been loving starting the day with something that's both healthy and delicious.

2) Photos of our wedding venue

IMG_6249One of my lovely bridesmaids, Emily, was in Anglesey on Monday and went to visit our wedding venue and church. She sent me loads of photos of both bathed in the gorgeous sunshine and it made me feel so excited! I can't believe it's now only 10 months until our big day - I really hope the weather will be as nice as it looked on Monday.

3) Booking our hotel for Rome

We're off to Rome in September and we finally got round to booking a hotel this week. We found an absolute bargain of a place right in the centre with a gorgeous rooftop terrace overlooking the city - I can't wait now! Hit me up with any Rome recommedations please - especially restaurants, bars and coffee shops!

4) Watching more Olympics

We have been loving watching the Olympics again this week - how amazing are Team GB?! The cycling was a definite highlight - although it was pretty tense watching men's keirin with the two false starts. I'll be super sad when the games end - I think I need to start watching sport more often! (Although don't tell Sam because he'll make me watch even more football...)

5) Blogger book swap

On Wednesday evening I headed over to the Belgrave with some of fave Leeds blogging ladies for an evening of gin cocktails, pizza slices and book swapping. We had such a lovely time catching up and enjoying the sunshine, plus I came away with lots of lovely new books to read by the pool this week. We're planning on making it a monthly thing and I'm so glad.

6) An evening out with the gang

We headed out with our friends on Thursday night for a belated birthday celebration for Sam and it was lovely! We went to Bundobust for yummy food and then to Friends of Ham for Aperol spritzes - it was such a nice evening and made us all very excited to head off to Sydney together in October.

7) Dinner and drinks with Jess

IMG_6296One of my best friends from college came over to Leeds on Friday night and it was so nice to see her. We don't get to hang out together that much these days but whenever we get together it's like no time has passed at all! We ate Mexican food and drank cocktails and non stop chatted for hours - it felt like being 17 again!

8) New jeans

I have the biggest struggle trying to find jeans that fit but this week I managed to find a gorgeous pair of high waisted ones in M&S that I LOVE. They're similar to the Topshop Mom jeans and look so flattering on - plus they were only £25! I can't find them online yet but I'm going to try and shoot some outfit photos wearing them soon so you can see them.

9) Getting my hair done


I went to my lovely cousin's salon on Saturday to get my hair done ready for holidays and as always, he made it look gorgeous! It was so nice to hang out in his salon and now I know that my hair will look nice for at least one day of holiday (before it starts inflating with the humidity, Monica Geller style...)


Yesterday we got picked up at 4am ready to head to the airport with all of our lovely family. Doesn't it always feel so exciting to wake up in the middle of the night when you're going away!? If you read my post on Friday then you'll know I'm feeling really ready for this holiday and I am so so glad that it is finally here.