Our Beautiful Blossom


I don't really know where to start with this post and I can't believe that this is something that I am sitting down to write. A lot of you know that a few weeks ago I headed to Spain with my lovely family ready for the holiday we have been looking forward to for nearly a year. Some of you may also know that a terrible tragedy occurred while we were there and our beautiful little Blossom sadly lost her life.

I wanted to write about Blossom today, not to gain your sympathy or thoughts, but because I wanted to try and capture her amazing spirit and mischevious attitude to life. I wanted to tell you all about Blossy so that you might learn from her sunny outlook and caring heart.

IMG_5152Blossom was one of a kind. I know that a lot of people say that about their kids or their families, but in this case it really is true. She was only on this planet for four and a half short years, but in that time she has made countless people smile and laugh until their stomach hurt.

She was our little Christmas gift, born late in the evening on Christmas Eve. That was our first sign that this little one was going to have a special, sparkly impact on our lives.

Our Bloss has always loved dressing up - she has been known to wear her swimming costume with a pair of wellies and her doctors outfit with a tiara. She was always drawn to other people's shoes and took a particular shining to her Nanny's Michael Kors boots that were about ten sizes too big. And where jewellery was concerned you couldn't keep her away - the sparklier the better. She was the prettiest magpie I have ever seen.

IMG_4454She well and truly said it how it was - I remember turning up at my cousin's house on New Year's Day wearing my brand new jumpsuit and Blossom quickly proceeded to ask me why I'd come to the party wearing my pyjamas. Other gems include asking Sam why his nose was so big or asking her Nan why she had so many wrinkles - Blossy definitely didn't mince her words.

Despite her sometimes blunt remarks, our Blossom was as kind as they come. Every report from nursery said that she was a joy to have in the class, always looking out for her little friends, and it was the same where her older sister and younger brother were concerned. I once told her that she was my favourite and she said "you can't say that, that's mean on Darcey and Hudson!" and she always made sure that if you gave her a present there was one for them too - even on her birthday.

Bloss was one on her own - while the other kids were making up a dance together, she's be two steps behind them making up her own. She could entertain herself for hours, but there was enough mischief in her eyes that you'd always be wondering what she was up to. Leave her for too long and she'd be reaching for the scissors to cut her own hair - she managed to give herself a new do on four separate occasions! And somehow she always managed to still look super cute afterwards, even with a slightly wonky fringe.

IMG_6301Her eyes were the sparkliest blue you have ever seen, and shaped like little half moons that would crinkle when she smiled. Her voice was as high pitched as Minnie Mouse and her giggle was amazing. She had the funniest facial expressions and one look could have you laughing hysterically for hours. She was the daintiest little 4 year old you have ever seen, but the energy and excitement that she exuded was enough for 10 people.

I could write for hours about our gorgeous Blossom and never do her justice. It's so hard to believe that she was only around for four short years when we have so many vivid and unique memories of her, but that is a testament to what a character she was. I feel so privileged to have had even the smallest role in her life and my heart breaks knowing that I won't see her cheeky little smile again.

Blossom - I can't even begin to understand why you were taken from us so soon, but I feel so incredibly lucky that I got to experience the time with you that I did. You have made the biggest impression on all of our lives and I will do my very best to make sure that your character and legacy lives on in your siblings and cousins. Thank you so much for all of the laughs, gorgeous girl.

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