IBS and Reprioritising My Health


It's been a long time since we've had a little health update around these parts, hasn't it? The reason for that is that there hasn't really been anything interesting to report. Some of you might remember that I did a lot of work with my nutritionist back in January to get my gut in a healthy place again, and since then, everything has been ticking along pretty nicely. My IBS symptoms were more manageable, I was able to reintroduce all the foods I loved without making myself ill, and I generally felt way more energetic and raring to go. I got myself into a good exercise routine and I was prioritising self care and down time - all of these things were contributing to making me feel healthier than I have done in a long time.

The trouble with IBS and gut health though is that as soon as you take your eye off the ball for a couple of weeks, the symptoms come creeping back with a vengeance. And in all honesty, eating right and exercising and getting some quality sleep has been the last thing on my mind over the past month or so.

I've been eating way too much sugar and drinking too much wine. My sleep has been interrupted and I've had no routine. Any thought of exercise has gone straight out the window.

My body has been sending me warning signs for a couple of weeks, but as I sit here writing this now, I feel as though I'm almost back to square one again health wise. All of my classic IBS symptoms are raging again. I feel run down and weak and tired all the time. I'm so bloated that wearing jeans feels like a special form of torture. My skin is dull and patchy and dry. I can feel that I'm carrying a few extra pounds around the middle and I generally just feel a bit sluggish and crap.

And so before things get even worse, I know that I need to reprioritise my health. I need to move more and get more vegetables into my diet again. I need to kick the nasty sugar habit I've developed and stop reaching for the red wine at every opportunity (but still on weekends, because you only live once and all that!). I need to get back into a proper sleep routine and remember to take time out for self care.

On top of all this, I'm also going to be trying something new to get my gut feeling totally healthy again. I'm going to be working with Symprove and trying their 12 week probiotic programme to give my tummy a bit of extra love. I've read a lot about the benefits of Symprove over the past year or so - basically their probiotic provides you with a big old dose of good stuff every morning, which in turn helps to maintain a healthy gut bacteria balance.

Some of you might remember that bad bacteria was a huge factor in my health problems at the beginning of the year, so I am hoping that taking Symprove for the next 12 weeks will really help get me fighting fit again quickly. I'll be documenting how I get on over the course of the next few months, so if there is anything in particular that you'd like to know then leave me a comment.

Also, I know that IBS isn't the most widely discussed topic online and it isn't very sexy, but so many people suffer with it that I don't really understand why! If you have any questions about managing IBS then feel free to drop me a line at sophiecliff@live.com - I'm not an expert by any means, but I have been living with it for 5 years now and I know how nice it is sometimes just to talk to somebody else who understands how unpleasant it is. I would also definitely recommend checking out both Jo and Scarlett's blogs who both have some great posts about IBS.