4 Tips For Getting Longer, Thicker Hair


Today's post is a little bit off topic for me because I never write about beauty stuff, do I?! But my hair is in better shape than it ever has been before, so I thought I'd write about how I've managed to get it looking half decent. Believe me, it has looked terrible for the majority of my life (the joys of having naturally frizzy hair), so this is a proud moment for me!

In the past 12 months I've managed (with the help of my amazing cousin and hairdresser extraordinaire - definitely more his work than mine!) to grow out my long bob and get it looking healthier than it ever has done.

So here are my tips for getting longer, thicker hair...

1) Use less heat

An obvious one really, but the more you use heat (hairdryers, straighteners, etc) on your hair, the more brittle and damaged it becomes. And brittle, damaged hair does not equate to big bouncy curls or hair that Rapunzel would envy.

At least once or twice a week I like to dry and let my hair dry naturally rather than blow drying. As previously mentioned I have the frizziest mane you have ever seen so once it's dry I usually end up pinning it up - milkmaid braids are my actual hair saviour.

Not only does this tip help your hair grow so much quicker, it also saves you loads of time. Win win, no?

2) Get it cut regularly

This tip feels a bit counterintuitive and I was a little bit dubious when my cousin told me about it, but it really is true - if you want your hair to grow, you need to get it cut regularly.

I try and get mine cut every 6-8 weeks and honestly it has made ALL the different - it keeps my hair healthy, bouncy and full of shape. It could be expensive getting it cut so regularly, but I really do think this is the one tip that has made my hair grow so quickly.

3) Don't wash your hair as much

This point kind of ties in with the first tip, but if your hair isn't looking as thick and shiny as you'd like then you might need to wash it less.

My cousin explained to me that washing your hair everyday can strip your hair of all of it's natural oils, meaning that it ends up looking a little bit flatter and less shiny.

I usually wash mine no more than 3 times a week (and probably more like twice a week if I'm totally honest). It can be hard to begin with (you need to get your dry shampoo stocked up before you attempt it!), but after a couple of weeks you will be so glad you stuck with it.

4) Use high quality products

This is probably the biggest change I've made in the past year but I couldn't go back now! I used to be the sort of person who bought whatever shampoo and conditioner was on offer in the supermarket, but now I make sure I hunt out really good quality products.

I LOVE the L'Oreal Mythic Oil range (so soft, so shiny!) and TK Maxx is also really good for getting salon quality shampoo and conditioner for half the price. Just to warn you though - you will want to stroke your own hair which can look a *little* bit creep when you're out in public...