10 favourites this week (#90)


Morning everyone! How has your week been? I'll be honest with you, mine has been a bit pants. I haven't been feeling myself at all and from Thursday onwards I've been plagued with a nasty stomach bug that has seen me spending a lot of time hugging the loo. Not pleasant and definitely not what I needed when I was feeling a bit crappy.

BUT, as always, there have been reasons to smile in a less than brilliant week, and as ever, I'm going to write about them today and feel grateful for them.

Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) A coffee and cake delivery

Knowing that I had a horribly early start and was feeling a little bit down, Sam showed up at my office on Monday morning with a flat white and a gigantic slice of salted caramel brownie from our fave coffee shop. It really cheered up my day and the brownie was SO YUM.

2) A beautiful memorial service for Blossom

On Wednesday my family and I headed to Blossom's school for a beautiful memorial service that the teachers and children had organised. It was very emotional and hard at times, but it was also lovely to see the impact that she had had on the entire school. It was such a fitting tribute for our lovely little girl.

3) More lovely family time

A regular occurrence in these favourites posts at the moment, but something that I definitely couldn't cope without right now! I loved getting to hang out with everyone on Wednesday evening and getting lots of much needed squeezes from the little people. They are all the best.

4) Finally buying a new lens for my camera

I've wanted the 45mm lens for my Olympus PEN for aaaaages now and this week I finally gave in and bought it! It's just as good as I hoped and I have really enjoyed playing around with it this weekend - I'm hoping that it will help me up my blog photography game - watch this space!

5) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

While I was laying in bed feeling sorry for myself on Friday I started watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix and I love it! It's really funny and I like that all of the characters are kind of annoying - it's refreshing, if you know what I mean?

6) Pretty flowers

Sam popped out to get some bits of shopping for us the other day and came back with some pretty pink carnations for me. Carnations always remind me of my Nan (she used to always have a bunch on her dining room table) and they really cheered me up.

7) Choosing my wedding shoes

This week I ticked another thing off my wedmin list and chose my wedding shoes! My lovely sister (and maid of honour) very kindly bought them for me - thanks Moll! - and I already can't wait to wear them. They are so pretty and just what I wanted - now I just need to get my other accessories sorted.

8) A chilled out weekend

The only plus side to getting ill is the fact that it has forced me to have a totally lazy weekend, which was very much needed! I have slept a lot, watched a lot of trashy TV and had 3 baths. Throwing up and feeling rank aside, it's been kinda lovely.

9) Getting started on our living room revamp

We've been talking about redecorating our living room for ages and this weekend Sam got started by stripping the wallpaper. We thought we might need to get it replastered but the walls are in pretty good nick which is a bonus - now we just need to agree on a paint colour!

10) Celebrating our anniversary

Today marks 6 years since Sam and I officially got together - I can't believe it! It's totally flown by. It was nice to spend the weekend just us two (for the first time in ages and ages) reminiscing on our first dates and getting some bits sorted for the wedding.