10 favourites this week (#93)


How is it Monday again already?! Not that I'm complaining as I today and tomorrow off work! We're off to Sam's cousin's wedding today which I'm really looking forward to - drinking and dancing and celebrating beats sales reports hands down! This week has been a bit of a mixed  bag but there have been lots of lovely moments which I'm really grateful for. Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast

Oh my god, this is THE FUNNIEST podcast ever. Essentially some poor bloke discovered that his Dad had had a go at writing erotic literature and he decided to create a podcast of him and his friends reading it out loud. It has given me a lot of laughs this week which were must needed - if you need cheering up then you should definitely give it a listen!

2) Lovely flowers from Sam

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Tuesday evening Sam came home from work with some gorgeous flowers for me. It was such a lovely surprise and really put a smile on my face. He also brought an M&S cottage pie which I may or may not have enjoyed even more than the flowers...

3) Team bonding in London

I spent a couple of days down in London this week for some team away days. It was nice to have a couple of days away from my desk and I really enjoyed spending some time with my lovely colleagues. We also went to Hamley's to do some market research and definitely had way too much fun!

4) Bodean's BBQ

On Wednesday evening I finally got to try out Bodman's BBQ. I've been hearing great things about this place for years and it definitely didn't disappoint - I had a burnt ends and pulled pork combo and it was so delicious! I really liked the relaxed atmosphere too - it was a perfect place to hang out with the team.

5) Raising money for Blossom's fund

As many of you know, we lost our gorgeous little Blossom in August. As heartbreaking as this has been for us, as a family we are determined to create a positive legacy for Blossom and we want to raise as much money as possible to prevent this happening to other children. Since sharing the link last Thursday nearly £5000 has been raised and we have been totally blown away with everyone's generosity. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here - it would mean the world to us!

6) A hug in a box

fullsizerender-3I had the most wonderful surprise at work on Friday when the postman arrived with a box for me. I hadn't ordered anything exciting so was expecting it to be product samples or something dull like that, but when I opened it it was a hug in a box from my lovely friend Emily. It was packed full of loads of gorgeous goodies and was accompanied by a card that definitely made me cry in the office - I was so moved by how thoughtful it was and it made my whole week.

7) A super chilled Friday night

I had the dreamiest night in on Friday. Sam cooked fillet steak and home made chips for tea, we drank red wine and I watched many, many episodes of Scandal in bed in my favourite PJs. It was so relaxing and just what I needed before our busy couple of weeks.

8) Roadtripping with Sam

fullsizerender-2We have spent a lot of time in the car this weekend driving over to Shrewsbury and then down to Essex. I was kinda dreading it but we actually had loads of fun road tripping! The autumn sun was shining and we listened to plenty of ace music - plus we may have stopped for a Maccies cheeseburger en route...

9) Lots of lovely feedback on this post

I was a little bit nervous about hitting publish on this post on Friday as it is more personal than anything I would usually share, but I'm so glad I did. I had so many wonderfully lovely comments that made me feel a million times better. So THANK YOU lovely readers, you the best!

10) Lots of family time

We have spent this weekend with Sam's family who we haven't seen for ages and it was lovely! We visited his grandparents in Shrewsbury on Saturday night and then caught up with the other side of the family last night - I'm really looking forward to spending more time with everyone at the wedding today.