October Round Up


Writing lots of blog posts. Admiring the pretty sunlight and the changing leaves.

Hanging out with our families lots and enjoying every second.

Celebrating with two lovely couples at two gorgeous weddings.

Riding on the waltzers at Blackpool and getting the giggles.

Being brave and asking for help.

Seeing rainbows and blossom trees almost everywhere I look.

Spending time in London for work for the first time in months.

Getting lots of wedmin done. Only 8 more months now, eek!

Starting to redecorate our living room in time for the winter months.

Flying to Paris and enjoying a lovely couple of days in the sun.

Eating way too much food - I need to eat more green things this month.

Loving that we now have a John Lewis and an Anthropologie in Leeds.

Receiving the most gorgeous hug in a box from my lovely friend Emily.

Booking our flights to Berlin for next February.

Dreaming about where else I'd like to visit next year.

Roadtripping across the country and back again.

Celebrating Halloween with all my nearest and dearest at Disney.

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