9 Things I Really Want From Anthropologie


A couple of weeks ago one of my favourite ever stores opened up in Leeds. I have been a huge fan of Anthropologie since stumbling across it in New York three or four years ago and I always make sure I pop into the one on Regent Street whenever I'm in London. They sell so much gorgeous stuff, from pretty jewellery to dreamy items that will make your house look like it's straight outta Pinterest. And now we have one right on our doorstep in the centre of Leeds I can sense lots of unnecessary pretty purchase coming on. In an attempt to restrain myself from buying everything, I thought I'd put together a little list of 9 things I really want from Anthropologie...


1) Gilded Pretzel Bottle Opener - £8.00

This is a totally unnecessary purchase but JUST LOOK AT IT. So quirky and cute and perfect for the impending party season.

2) Idiom Journal - £34.00

I've started thinking about what I'd like to do and achieve in 2017 and I really want a new notebook to capture all my thoughts. I think this master plan journal would fit the job.

3) Monogram Pendant Necklace - £36.00

I love all of Anthropologie's monogram products and these necklaces really caught my eye. I love how dainty the chain is and think this would make the perfect winter accessory.

4) Scalloped Silhouette Mirror - £32.00

I've been hunting for a while for the perfect mirror to hang in our hall and i think this would look so fab - I love how simple it is.

5) Kinetic Geo Candelabra - £48.00

I am obsessed with this and desperately want it for my fireplace! We are in the middle of redecorating our living room and we have gold accents everywhere so I think this would fit in beautifully.

6) Everyday Tidiness - £14.99

Now that our house is started to feel a bit more sorted, I really want to try and keep on top of keeping it tidy! This book looks like it might have some good tips, plus it's really pretty.

7) Pearl Blossom Earrings - £28.00

I've been looking for a piece of jewellery with some blossom on for a little while and I think these earrings are a gorgeous option. Aren't they beautiful?

8) Eataly - £29.95

I've visited a couple of Eataly branches in New York and Italy and I am obsessed with their commitment to great Italian food. This cookbook looks fab and I know I'd enjoy whipping up their tasty recipes.

9) Gilded Monogram Glass - £14.00

Sam and I are both partial to an old fashioned every now and then (mainly when watching Mad Men!) and these glasses would make the drinks look even better.