10 favourites this week (#95)


Okay, so how is it Monday again already!? I swear this weekend went by way too quickly. This week has felt like a weird one as I was for half of it. Isn't it funny how a couple of days off can make your routine feel all out of sync? That being said, our holiday was very fun and well worth not knowing what day it was for the rest of the week!

Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) Celebrating Halloween at Disneyland Paris

We kicked off the week on an absolute high, celebrating Halloween at Disneyland Paris with all of my lovely family. We watched the parade, admired all of the Mickey and Minnie pumpkins and took loads of photos of the little ones looking super cute in their costumes. It was such a fun day and kicked off the holiday season in style!

2) Riding rollercoasters

I'm a big kid at heart and therefore I'm a sucker for rides and rollercoasters and the general fun of a theme park. I had such a fun time being a thrill seeker at Disneyland this week - I think it's so ace how being whizzed around upside down at break neck speed can help you forget all of your troubles for a couple of seconds. Rollercoasters are good for the soul!

3) Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

On Tuesday evening we decided to head to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, which is one of the shows in the Disney Village just outside the parks. It was way more fun than I was expecting - think group singing, dancing horses, cowboy hats and Mickey and Minnie! Plus the BBQ food and beer was pretty delicious too.

4) Spending lots of time with my family

It's no secret that my family have had a bit of a rough time of it of late and I was so glad to make some happy memories with everyone at Disneyland this week. It was really difficult for us all to take our first trip without Blossom, but seeing how excited the other kids were made us all smile and I think it was just what we needed.

5) Ladurée macarons

I was chuffed when we got to the airport on Wednesday evening and discovered that there was a Ladurée stand right next to our gate. I couldn't resist treating us to some of their delicious macarons and I was so glad I did - they have helped to keep the holiday blues at bay this weekend!

6) Sleeping in my own bed

I love going way and making memories with my loved ones, but nothing really beats coming home to your own house and your own bed, does it?! After a busy couple of days in Paris, I slept like a baby when we got home on Wednesday night and it was just what I needed.

7) A trip to IKEA

I think IKEA is a bit of a love/hate kind of place, but I absolutely love it! I went after work on Friday to pick up some bits of furniture we've been needing for a while and I really enjoyed having a little wander around. Plus building the chest of drawers all by myself afterwards definitely gave me a sense of pride!

8) A weekend of DIY

We've been in the middle of redecorating our living room for about a month now, but this weekend we finally got round to putting some paint on the walls and making it look a bit more presentable. There's still some a few finishing touches to get round to, but I'm so excited that we finally have a proper space to relax in - even if I did despise the actual painting bit!

9) A delicious Mexican dinner

It was my friend Teddy's birthday this week and to celebrate she invited all the girls round for dinner on Saturday. She whipped up a delicious Mexican feast from her Wahaca cook book and it was SO GOOD - one of the tastiest dinners I've had for ages! Plus the company was ace - a very lovely Saturday evening indeed.

10) Watching The Crown

I've been looking forward to watching The Crown on Netflix ever since I saw the first advert and I wasn't disappointed when I binge watched a couple of episodes this weekend. I'm fascinated by the royals so watching the episodes about the Queen's early reign really fascinated me - I'd definitely recommend it!