Feeling Ready For 2017


Oh man. 2016. What the bloody hell has happened?! I think it speaks volumes that so many of us weren't really surprised when we turned on the news or checked Twitter this morning. I was incredibly saddened to see the result of the US election, but I wasn't shocked. Because hate and fear has become the common language in 2016 and we have seen it gain power at every opportunity.

I feel so sad that the little people in my family are growing up in a world that is so different to the one that I grew up in. One with less hope and more fear.

I feel devastated that my young cousins, Darcey and Honey, will grow up in a world knowing that people would rather vote for a reality TV star than for a powerful, well educated, experienced woman. I am so sad that the glass ceiling will seem like a very real thing for them.

My heart breaks for all of the minorities who will suffer as a result of the EU referendum and the US election. It really does.

This year has floored me on every level. Personally, politically, publicly. It has floored so many of us. I have had enough of 2016. It has felt like one huge test that we have no chance of passing. I am ready to kick it goodbye violently.

The world has changed. My own immediate bubble has changed. But we must remember that that doesn't have to change us.

We can still be kind. We can still keep talking about and pushing for the things that are important to us. We can still remain human and gentle and tolerant and understanding.

In fact we NEED to keep doing all of those things. Because I honestly believe that love and kindness will always win.