10 favourites this week (#96)


Happy Monday everyone! This Monday is especially happy for me because it's my birthday AND I'm off work. Double win. I had a couple of days off last week too which has meant that we've had a dreamy long weekend. We were due to go to Rome but various things happened which meant that we didn't make it, but I'm secretly a little bit glad. I think a few days off with the family was much more needed.

Without further ado, here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) Joining the gym

This is something I have been meaning to do for a long time, and this week I finally bit the bullet and joined our local Virgin Active gym. It's super swanky and has a swimming pool and loads of ace classes, so I'm hoping that it will really help me get back in the swing of exercising again.

2) An epic Lush bath bomb haul

With the prospect of a couple of days off and lots of free time, I decided to treat myself to some Lush goodies so that I could have a good old pamper. My lunch time trip seemed to coincide with a fresh delivery of festive bath bombs and I went a little bit crazy. I definitely spent too much money but at least I've got lots of lovely baths to look forward to.

3) Getting my chef on

It has been SO long since I have done any cooking - busy and stressful couple of months means that we have been relying on takeaways and ready meals way more often than I'd like. However this week I manage to whip up a couple of different meals and I really enjoyed being in the kitchen again. I'm looking forward to trying some new recipes soon - let me know if you have any good'uns up your sleeve.

4) Feeling homely

We spent pretty much the whole day on Thursday sorting out odds and ends in the house that we haven't got round to - things like putting pictures up and unpacking some of the last boxes. We also managed to pick up some bits that we still needed, like a giant mirror for our spare room. I had so much fun making everywhere look pretty - its definitely all ready for some cosy nights in now!

5) A really delicious lunch

I didn't get chance to make any lunch on Tuesday morning so I popped up to Trinity kitchen to pick something up. I grabbed a halloumi, avocado and chilli wrap from a place called The Cauldron and OH MY DAYS it was incredible. So so tasty and fresh and really good value for money too - I'll definitely be popping back again before they change the vendors.

6) Lots of exciting blog opps

I've had lots of exciting opportunities linked to this little blog this week and it has been giving me all the happy vibes. I love having my own creative space to play around with and getting to do exciting and fun things off the back of it is just the best. Watch this space!

7) A mooch around the Trafford Centre

After a little sleep in on Friday, Sam and I headed to the Trafford Centre with my Mum for a little mooch. We picked up a couple of new bits for the house (god bless H&M home - Leeds needs to get one ASAP!) and some Christmas pressies too, plus I had my first festive Starbucks of the year which was yum. Gingerbread lattes all the way.

8) Some lovely family time

We managed to squeeze in lots of lovely family time this week which was ace. We hung out with both of my grandparents and my Mum had everyone round to celebrate my birthday on Saturday night which was really nice. I love that we are such a close family and they really are my favourite people to spend time with. Plus they totally spoilt me - I'm a very lucky lady!

9) Catching up with old friends

Yesterday I went to visit two of my oldest friends, Rose and Lisa. We haven't seen each other for years, but Rose has recently had a baby and we decided we were well overdue a get together! It was so lovely to see them both and have a good old catch up, and I also got to snuggle little baby Margot who is just DIVINE.

10) A night away in Liverpool

We decided to celebrate my birthday by having a night away in Liverpool last night and it was so much fun! We stayed at the gorgeous Aloft hotel (full review coming soon) and Sam treated me to a gorgeous dinner at Matou which was so yummy. Both Sam and I vowed to try and squeeze in some more UK city breaks in 2017 as they are so much fun!