28 Before 28


Regular readers will know that I turned the grand ol' age of 27 this week. I think the thing that scared me the most about this birthday was that it's barely felt more than a couple of months since I was turning 26! 26 has been a humongous learning curve with lots of crazy highs and unimaginable lows. I'm determined to make 27 all about the good stuff, and to help me along the way, I've compiled a little list of 28 things I want to do/see/achieve before I'm 28...

1) Get married! Eek - I can't believe this is actually happening this year.

2) Make lots more happy memories with my wonderful family.

3) Learn to bake. I'm currently terrible and I really want to get better.

4) Finish decorating our house - I am so ready for a new kitchen right now!

5) Take on more writing/freelance work - I've loved doing more of this this year but I have got so many more ideas and plans.

6) Go to the theatre. I love doing this but never do it enough.

7) Get into a proper exercise routine.

8) Be a bridesmaid for my best friend - I can't wait for this!

9) Grow my nails. Mine have been really strong and healthy recently, but I want to keep this up.

10) Visit New York again (at least once!)

11) Read another 50 books. I've nailed my target this year and I want to keep going!

12) Nail my skincare routine - I'm getting there, but consistency is key.

13) Improve my photography skills. I'm really enjoying learning but I still have a long way to go.

14) Learn to love fish (especially the unbattered stuff!). I know it's so good for us.

15) Visit at least three new places abroad, and revisit some old faves.

16) Treat my friends and family - I want them all to know how much I love them.

17) Learn to crochet. My Nan has been trying to teach me for ages and I'm determined to master it ASAP!

18) Explore more of the UK - I really want to squeeze in more local city breaks this year.

19) Have a good crack at YouTube. I dabbled at this this year, but I really want to give it a proper go.

20) Get back into the habit of jewellery making. I used to love it and I want to do more of it.

21) Learn how to do my make up better. I'm such a novice!

22) Get a pet. I'm holding out for a little puppy called Bruce.

23) Have an epic honeymoon - we're still planning this, but I really can't wait!

24) Go a little bit blonder. I've loved having lighter hair and I'm excited to experiment with it more.

25) Figure out my career next steps.

26) Get into a proper meditation practice. I've been dabbling this year but I really need to commit.

27) Think about getting a tattoo. I've wanted one for ages and I *think* I'm nearly brave enough,

28) Get out of my comfort zone - I have some very exciting big ideas that I want to put into action this year. Watch this space!

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