The Love It List (#6)


Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you're all having an ace weekend. I had all of my bridesmaids (minus one!) come to visit last night so I am feeling very lucky and loved today. Plus we're all going to go out for brunch soon, so I'm totally winning at life today. It's been AGES since I've done a little Love It List round up, so I thought I'd put together a bit of a bumper one for you to enjoy on this cold, rainy Sunday. Enjoy!

  • I've been wanting to go to Dublin for AGES and Stephie's post made me determined to get there in 2017.
  • There has been lots written about the whole election debacle, but these posts from Alice and Emma resonated with me the most.
  • I've been trying to improve my Instagram game recently so this post from Insta-queen Katy was mega useful.
  • Jetting off soon? Alice has got a list of 11 productive things you can do on a plane.
  • Two of my best pals Steph and Sarah have started blogs recently and they're ace. You can check them out here and here.
  • Laura wrote about what a day in the life of ¬†full time blogger really looks like and I found it super interesting.
  • I loved Lauren's list about 10 sources of happiness at age 26 and half. They're all so true!
  • Olivia proved that even the sassiest of babes suffer at the hand of comparison - why do we do it to ourselves?!
  • I've started thinking about Christmas now and I found Victoria's glam decorating guide so inspirational.
  • Hayley's list of 10 ways to feel more zen came at a very poignant time for me this week - I need to take her advice!
  • I loved Sophie's post about why she's not sorry for being sensitive. I totally agree.
  • Amy's recipe for tomato and orzo soup looks like the perfect kind of food for this weather.