Let's Catch Up


I apologise in advance if this is one of those rambly posts that doesn't really have any purpose. I wanted to write today, but my brain feels too tired to write anything too clever or coherent, so instead I thought I'd pen a little catch up post instead. I suppose these are the things I'd tell you if we'd met up for a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine, because y'know, Christmas).


First things first - I'm SO TIRED. I don't know whether I'm getting ill or if the past few months have just caught up with me, but I feel so sleepy all the time. I slept for longer than 10 hours on 3 separate nights last week and it didn't make me feel any less exhausted. I know a lot of people are feeling this way at the moment - 2016 has been a rough ride, hans't it? I'm really looking forward to finishing work for Christmas and having 12 consecutive days off - I'm definitely going to be making sure at least 3 of those are PJ days! The thought of reading books and watching boxsets and eating my body weight in food is the only thing getting me through at the moment.

Saying that, I am feeling apprehensive about Christmas itself this year and I know it's going to be a really difficult time as we try to get through it without Blossom. I've never really understood people who didn't like Christmas, but this year I definitely get it. But, as anxious as I'm feeling, I'm also excited to spend some quality time with my gorgeous family - I've missed them so much over the past few weeks. It'll also be lovely to spend some time with Sam too - we've been like passing ships recently and I can't wait to just hang out for longer than a couple of hours.

I've also been spending quite a bit of time recently thinking about and planning for the next twelve months. I love the period of reflection that a new year brings and I've never felt so ready to get cracking. I'm probably going to write another post about my goals and plans for 2017, but I'm feeling excited for the first time in ages. Not only are we getting married next year (YIKES!), but I also want to travel more and be bolder with my dreams and expectations. I've got the fire back in my belly again and I'm ready to start doing more of the stuff that makes my heart sing. I've got a good feeling about 2017.

And until then, I'm trying to enjoy all of the merriment and soak in the good vibes that come with the festive period. I've got some lovely plans with my Leeds friends before heading home next Wednesday and I've already had a lovely evening this week with some of favourite ladies. If this year has taught me anything, it's that I have got some bloody ace people in my life and I'm so looking forward to having a glass of fizz with them and celebrating that. 2016 would have been a lot tougher without them by side.


So - tell me how you are. Are you looking forward to Christmas? Are you ready for the new year? What are you feeling most excited about?