My Goals for 2017


Happy New Year everyone! 2017 is finally here and I've got a feeling it's going to be a bloody good one. I'm not big on making resolutions - I never manage to stick with them for longer than a month or two, so they feel like a bit of a waste of time. So this year I'm going to set myself some goals instead. Realistic things that I can work towards, a list that I can reread whenever I need a bit of motivation.

So here goes. Here are my goals for 2017...

1) Have at least 3 no-spend months

I used to be really good at saving, but in the last couple of months I've got a bit out of hand with my spending habits! So this year I'm committing to at least 3 no-spend months. I'll obviously still have to feed myself and pay my mortgage, so by no-spend I mean not spending money on clothes/books/beauty stuff etc. I got loads of lovely new things for Christmas that should keep megoing through January, so I'm going to use that as my first month.

2) Spend more time with our families

2016 taught me that there is nothing in the world more important than family, and this year I am vowing to spend even more time with both mine and Sam's lovely clans. I want to visit our grandparents more and plan more days out with the little ones and hang out with our parents more regularly. Luckily we both have fab families so this goal will definitely bring us lots of happiness.

3) Read 75 books

In 2016 I managed to read 55 books which is probably more than I read in the 5 previous years combined! I thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into some fab stories and reading helps me to really switch off, so I definitely want to carry on. This year I've set myself the challenge of reading 75 books - I'll be sure to update you on my progress!

4) Grow this little blog

I feel like last year I really found my groove with blogging and I loved every minute. I never imagined a hobby could bring me so many fun opportunities! This year I want to focus on making this blog bigger and better - I'll be redefining my focus, reaching out to more brands and working hard to make content that I am really proud of. Watch this space...

5) Run a 10k and a half marathon

You wouldn't believe it from looking at me now, but once upon a time I ran two marathons! After a couple of injuries, I got out of the habit of running, but Advent Running made me fall back in love with it and I want to continue the momentum in 2017. I'm aiming for a 10k and a half marathon and I can't wait to get that finish line buzz again!

6) Write something longer than a blog post

Writing everyday for this blog has really given me the bug and this year I want to challenge myself to write something longer than an 800 word post. I've got some ideas for a book and ideally I'd love to start and finish it within the next 12 months - this is a very ambitious goal but one I'd really love to put some energy into.

7) Take 12 trips

This is one of the goals I'm most excited about for this year! I want to try and take a trip every month - I don't mind whether it's abroad or somewhere here in the UK, but I think getting away from the day to day on a regular basis will do me the world of good. I've already got 6 out of the 12 trips planned so I think this one should be manageable! I will of course be sharing all of my travels with you here on the blog.

8) Live in the moment more

This is definitely the most important goal on the list. 2017 will bring weddings and new arrivals and lots of amazing experiences with my favourite people and I want to make sure I am totally present and in the moment and soaking it all in. I want to work hard on my other goals and achieve some things that will make me proud, but I also want to make the most of all the amazing stuff I already have in my life by appreciating it right now.

What are your goals for 2017?