10 favourites this week (#106)


How are we on the 4th Monday of the year already?! January is passing by SO quickly and I've got  sneaky feeling that the whole of 2017 is going to be the same. This week has been an odd one for me - I had a bit of a wobble midweek that left me weepy and anxious for a couple of days, and then the whole Trump inauguration came along to make the whole world feel a little bit (/a lot) bleaker. BUT I also had one of the best weekends I've had in a very long time which definitely made up for any tears and stress.

So, without further ado, here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) A very inspiring employee forum

Once a year our company host a forum for all the employees based in the UK and Ireland. It's always such a fun day filled with inspiring guest speakers, performances and sharing successes from around the business and this year was no different. It was lovely to get out of the office and be reminded of why we're all doing the work we do.

2) Behind the Brilliance podcast

It's no secret that I'm addicted to podcasts and I've got a new favourite - the amazing and v. inspiring Behind the Brilliance. I've been binge listening on my commutes this week and I'm super excited that there is a hefty back catalogue for me to work my way through.

3) Neom event

On Thursday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to a fab event at the Neom store in Leeds. The event was to celebrate their first ever fragrance which will be launching on Feb 1st (be sure to check it out, it smells divine!) and it was so nice to chat to their owner, Nicola, and hang out with some of my fave Leeds bloggers. Plus they very generously sent us home with a jam packed goody bag full of Sweaty Betty and Neom treats - spoilt!

4) Catching up with Rhianna

Before the event I met up with Rhianna from Robowecop for a couple of drinks. It's been ages since I last saw her so it was ace to have a proper catch up over a cocktail or two - I definitely want to spend more time with my favourite blogger babes in 2017 - I always feel so inspired when I do!

5) Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt

I've loved this for a little while, but since picking up a bar on our food shop a couple of weeks ago I have become fully OBSESSED. It's so delicious and it's true what those health bloggers say - you don't need as much as a cheaper milk chocolate alternative. So on that basis I can justify it as a healthy treat, right?!

6) A sunny weekend in London

This weekend Sam and I headed down to the capital for a weekend of eating, drinking and general fun times. We got some bargain train tickets in the pre-Christmas sale (£5 each way, say what?!) and we had an ace time wandering around with no general plan or rush to be anywhere. Plus the weather was bloody gorgeous with blue skies all round (although, also, COLD!)

7) Borough Market

One of the things we did was head to Borough Market for a wander - I've always wanted to go but with it being closed on a Sunday we've missed it the last few times we've been in town. It was lovely to wander around all of the stalls taking in the yummy smells and enjoying some little treats too. A Saturday afternoon well spent if you're in the area!

8) Drinks at the Savoy

Sam has a couple of friends who work at the American Bar at the Savoy, so on Saturday night we decided to head across to say hi and enjoy a drink or two. The atmosphere and the drinks were so fab that we actually ended up staying for a while (and racking up quite the bar tab in the process) but it was SO lovely and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Sometimes it's nice to go somewhere a little bit fancier than usual and treat yoself.

9) Women's March

IMG_3933Our train arrived in to London too late for us to join the Women's March on Saturday but my heart was so warmed by all the photos, tweets and videos of women all around the world marching together for a more hopeful future. We saw so many placards dotted around the city that made us smile, plus the little girl we saw on the tube carrying a banner that said "humankind" almost made me cry with pride. GO WOMEN.

10) A yummy lunch at Spuntino

After walking around three hundred trillion steps yesterday (only a slight exaggeration!) we decided to treat ourselves to a very yummy lunch at Spuntino. This is hands down my fave place to eat in London and we were not disappointed - the fried chicken is perfection and their drinks are pretty great too. Full review coming soon!