10 favourites this week (#110)


Good morning everyone! I'm feeling weirdly jolly considering it's a Monday - I think it's combination of a lovely weekend, lots to look forward to this week and the fact that spring is most definitely on it's way. Is anyone else feeling pretty desperate now for a bit of warmer weather and some sunshine? Anyway, before I get caught up in writing a whole post about how much I love spring, I better cracking with my 10 favourites this week. Here goes...

1) A lovely Valentine's Day

Sam and I never really celebrate Valentine's Day in a big way but this year we decided to head out for a pizza and some drinks instead of cooking. We tried out Pizza Fella which is relatively new to Leeds and it was SO good - I'm so glad we have somewhere to enjoy Neapolitan style pizza locally now. Sam also surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers which was so lovely - they've been cheering up our living room all week.

2) Watching Luisa Omielan's What Would Beyoncé Do?!

I was scouring BBC iplayer for something to watch on Wednesday evening when I stumbled across Luisa Omielan's What Would Beyoncé Do?!. I was obviously immediately hooked by the name and I was not disappointed - it was sooooo funny! Luisa manages to be both funny and heartbreakingly honest - I've been recommending it to everyone this week,

3) Dinner with my friend Teddy

On Thursday evening I headed to My Thai for some dinner with my friend Teddy. The food was delicious (plus it's so cheap in there - definitely check it out if you're local!) and it was lovely to have a good catch up. I love having midweek plans - it really makes the working week more enjoyable!

4) Buying a new duvet

I realise that this is an incredibly middle aged thing to include in my weekly favourites buy I am pretty obsessed with the new duvet we bought this week! After years of sleeping under a cheap Primark synthetic number, we finally invested in a duck feather and down duvet and it is soooooo cosy. Combined with our super comfy Leesa mattress our bed now feels like one you'd find in a fancy hotel, which is obviously the dream.

5) More daylight

Another slightly lame thing to get excited about but I am genuinely so chuffed that the days are getting longer! It's so nice for it to be light when I wake up and I *may* have done a happy little skip when I left work before it was dark the other day. Plus with the little bursts of sunshine we've had this week it really does feel like spring is on it's way.

6) Hanging out with my friend Jess

On Friday night one of my oldest friends Jess came to stay. I haven't seen her for about 6 months so it was lovely to have a proper catch up - I think we talked non stop for about 6 hours straight! We also enjoyed a dinner of pizza, prosecco and Galaxy golden eggs, so y'know, winning Friday right there.

7) Wedding ring shopping

We've been struggling to find a wedding band that fits with the shape of my engagement ring, so on Saturday morning Sam and I went to see a jeweller to talk about having both of our rings custom made. As some of you might remember, my engagement ring was made in Brooklyn, so I really like the idea of having our wedding bands made here in Leeds, as both places are really special to us.

8) A lovely walk at Chevin Forest Park

We didn't really have any plans on Saturday afternoon so as the weather was quite sunny and mild we headed out to Otley for a little walk in Chevin Forest Park. We haven't been for ages and I'd forgotten quite how lovely it is there - the views are amazing and there are lots of different trails to follow. It was really nice to get out and blow off the cobwebs and it made me feel a lot less guilty about laying on the sofa for the rest of the day!

9) Homemade ramen

I've had my first cold of the year this weekend and have been feeling pretty sorry for myself about it! In an attempt to try and make me feel a little bit better, Sam whipped me up some homemade chilli chicken ramen on Saturday night using this recipe. It was SO tasty and Sam said it was pretty easy to make too, so it'll definitely be a new staple for us.

10) Brunch at the Mill Kitchen

We went our for brunch at the Mill Kitchen yesterday with Sam's brother and his girlfriend which was so lovely. The food was yummy as always but what made it even more special is that it's probably the last time we'll see them before their baby arrives this week - there was a lot of excited chatter at our table! I always feel so lucky that we have some family here in Leeds and I couldn't be more happy that we'll be nearby when our new niece or nephew arrives.