Spuntino, Soho - My Favourite London Restaurant


When I think about eating out in London there are tonnes of places that spring to mind. Pizza Pilgrims is great for a cheap bite, Flat Iron is always good for some yummy steak and Dishoom is next level delicious. However, my favourite London restaurant by a country mile is Spuntino in Soho. It's been around for a little while now and is the cooler little sister of the very popular Polpo. There are no tables in this place - just 27 stools sat around a very well stocked bar, which makes the vibe a lot more relaxed and informal. The drinks are great and the staff are always happy to help you choose a cocktail that you'll love.

spuntino cocktailsHowever, the real reason why I love Spuntino so much is the food. Their menu consists of Brooklyn inspired small plates - think fried chicken, epic mac & cheese and the most delicious sliders. There's always a couple of specials to choose from too - on our most recent visit we tried the ragu arancini and they were so good we ordered another one before we'd even finished it!

spuntino aranciniTheir sliders are also a thing of beauty - our favourite is the beef and bone marrow which is absolutely dripping in flavour. And if you'd rather something a little bigger, their swiss cheeseburger is one of the best burgers I've had this side of the atlantic.

spuntino burger

spuntino burgerTheir buttermilk fried chicken achieves the perfect balance of crunch on the outside while remaining juicy on the inside and it packs a real flavour punch too. Perhaps my favourite dish on the menu is the mac & cheese, which is so good that I had to buy the Spuntino cookbook to get my hands on the recipe! I regularly make this when we have friends over for dinner and it always goes down a treat.

spuntino fried chickenThis place always hits the spot for me - I love the laid-back atmosphere, the friendly and helpful staff and the delicious food. But best of all, I love that it gives me a little Brooklyn fix whenever I'm craving a visit to my favourite place in the world. It really does remind me of some of our fave Williamsburg hangouts and when I'm sat up at the bar in Spuntino I feel like I could *almost* be hanging out in Bedford Avenue, with the East River sparkling just a couple of blocks away.

Have you ever been to Spuntino?