10 Things You Must Do In Berlin


east side gallery berlinOur recent trip to Berlin confirmed that it's one of my favourite places in the world. It has everything you could possibly want from a city break - a super laid-back vibe, amazing food and drink and plenty to see and do. From museums to parks, shops to nightlife, you'll never be bored in this city, but here are the 10 things you must do in Berlin...

1) Visit the East Side Gallery

Visiting the East Side Gallery is one of my favourite things to do in Berlin which is why it's number 1 on my list! It's an open air art gallery that has been created along a stretch of the Berlin Wall. It's a great way to spend an hour or so - the pieces are all very poignant and relate to Berlin's interesting history.

2) Check out the flea market at Mauerpark

things to do in berlin flea market mauerpark Every Sunday Mauerpark is turned over to the ever popular flea market, selling everything from antique cutlery to fresh juices and pretty tulips. Grab a coffee and take a little stroll to see what unique treasures you can find before heading to the bear pit to sing some karaoke in front of a huge audience!

3) Have a night out in Kreuzberg

Well known for it's nightlife, you'll never be far from a bar or club while you're in Berlin. For a really fun night out head to Kreuzberg, the hipster capital of the city's edgier east. From live music to cocktail bars to clubs playing pounding techno, you're guaranteed to find something you'll enjoy.

4) Take a stroll around Museum Island

Found at the tip of Spree Island, Museum Island (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is a great place to head for a little wander. There are five museums here, each boasting a variety of different exhibitions, but the architecture is so beautiful that it's worth taking a stroll just to look at the buildings themselves.

5) Visit the Brandenburg Gate and Tiergarten

things to do in berlin brandenburg gate The Brandenburg Gate is an iconic Berlin sight so it would be wrong to visit the city without swinging by for an up close look. Once you've captured your obligatory selfie, head across the road to Tiergarten, Berlin's most popular inner city park. It's perfect for a stroll or if the weather is nice, grab a picnic and spend a few hours relaxing.

6) Enjoy some third wave coffee

Berliners take their coffee seriously and you won't find it difficult to find some artisanal quality caffeinated goodness in the city. If you're a bit of a coffee novice like me you'll be seriously impressed with the wide variety of technical brewing techniques and choice of roasts on offer - head to this post for some tips on where to grab a cup.

7) Get your photo taken at a Photoautomat

photoautomat things to do in berlinDotted all across the city are Photoautomats - tiny little analogue photo booths where you can get a strip of black and white photos taken for a couple of euros. They make the perfect holiday memento so keep your eyes peeled - you can usually spot them by the hordes of hipsters gathered around outside.

8) Eat some Currywurst

Comprising of fried sausage smothered in a spicy tomato ketchup, currywurst is a Berlin food staple. You'll find stalls all over the city selling the dish (which is perfect for soaking up all of that German beer after a rowdy night out) and there's even a museum dedicated to the legendary snack.

9) Visit the Jewish Museum

There are tonnes of museums worth visiting in Berlin, including the Topography of Terror and the DDR museum, but the one I would recommend above all else is the Jewish Museum. The design of the building is truly impressive but it is the content of the exhibitions themselves that is most interesting - some parts are totally harrowing but there is so much to be learnt from the immersive experience that this museum offers.

10) Compare East and West

things to do in berlin east side galleryPerhaps my favourite thing to do in Berlin is to simply wander and marvel at how this modern, thriving city used to be split into two very different halves. The Berlin Wall came down the week that I was born so I've always had a particular fascination with the city and wandering between east and west can give you a real feel for how things used to be not so long ago.

Have you visited Berlin before? Do you think I've missed anything off the list?

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