10 favourites this week (#117)


Haaaaappppyyyyy Monday, y'all! It's that magic time of year again when we get not one, but two four day weeks in a row, and that is something to be cheerful about. I'm in the jolliest little mood today - I think it's a combination of the impending long weekend, the glorious sunshine we've been enjoying and the fact that I had a really, really lovely week last week.

So let's talk about that, eh? Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) My first iced latte of the year

If there is one thing that marks the start of spring for me, it's the first iced latte of the year! I was so happy to switch my usual flat white order for something colder this week - it's definitely the most refreshing and delicious way to get my hit of caffeine in the morning.

2) Cut grass smell

Another big plus point of spring - that amazing cut grass smell! It feels like it's been following me around this week and I've noticed it every day - I love that it gives me that little bubble of excitement about summer (even if my hay fever has already started driving me crackers...)

3) A fab evening at Pastille

pastille eventOn Tuesday evening I headed to Pastille Beauty Bar after work to celebrate their relaunch - they've had the shop refurbished and it is looking like an absolute Instagram dream. It was so lovely to meet the amazing women behind Pastille and was even treated to a fab manicure - I loved it so much that I've already booked them to do my wedding nails.

4) A lovely weekend at home

I had Friday off work this week which meant that I got to spend a lovely long weekend at home. It was full of all my favourite things - lots of family time, some totally yummy food and catching up on sleep which was totally needed. I feel so relaxed and refreshed now which I am soooo happy about.

5) Lots of sunshine

Okay, so how amazing has the weather been this weekend?! I've had to remind myself more than once that it's still only April and that I was in the UK rather than somewhere way more exotic! I felt pretty smug that the nice weather coincided with my trip home as my Mum and Dad's garden is a total sun trap - I've got a little spring sun tan going on already!

6) My first wedding dress fitting

On Friday I had a very exciting day - not only did I get to try my beautiful wedding dress on again, but I also got to have my first fitting with actual Suzanne Neville herself! It was a real treat to be able to meet the woman who designed my dress and talk things like shoes and wedding hair with her and the other ladies in the shop - it made me so excited.

7) ALL the pancakes

This weekend I had pancakes for breakfast not once, but twice, and if that doesn't constitute a great weekend then I don't know what does. I had some amazing berry pancakes at Bistrot Pierre on Saturday and then my lovely Dad whipped some up for me yesterday - winning.

8) A sleepover with some of my favourite kids

On Saturday evening we had two of my little cousins over for a sleepover and it was so lovely to spend some time with them. I feel like the kids grow up so fast and are changing all the time so being able to hang out with them for more than a couple of hours is always a treat - they are too cute!

9) Lots of wedding DIY

wedding signs diyI have had so much fun this weekend getting some wedding DIYs under my belt - it's really nice to have an excuse to do spend time doing something creative. I made a couple of signs using this tutorial and have been furiously folding paper cranes - we're hoping to have 1000 by the time the wedding is here.

10) Blossom's Legacy is now a registered charity!

I've saved the best for last this week - we finally got the email to say that Blossom's Legacy is now a registered charity! I am so pleased that we have got the opportunity to turn the worst thing that has ever happened to us into something positive and helpful to others and I could not be prouder to be a trustee of this charity - please like our Facebook page for more updates!