10 favourites this week (#118)


Happy Monday everyone! Aren't Mondays like 300 times better when they're bank holidays?! I always feel like the Easter weekend is such a treat after a long ol' wintery slog with no days off, and this year it's made even better by the fact that I have tomorrow and Friday off - can I get a hell yeah for 2 day weeks??? Did you all have a lovely time celebrating Easter with your families and friends? I've had a fab week, one of those that just makes you feel really, really grateful for all of the amazing people you have in your life.

Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) Big Little Lies

So this week I am well and truly hooked on Big Little Lies. I started watching the series with my Mum when I was at home last weekend and I've watched a few more episodes this week - I am loving it! It's really well produced, the acting is great and the music is perfect - plus, in the episodes I've watched so far it follows the story of the book pretty well too. I'd definitely recommend if you're looking for something to binge watch this afternoon!

2) Getting lots of wed-min done

I've been feeling mega productive this week and as a result I've managed to get LOADS of wed-min done! We've sorted the final bits for the bridesmaids outfits, made plenty more paper cranes and sorted a few little surprises for our guests with the suppliers. We're now in the single digit weeks countdown, so here's hoping this productivity sticks around...

3) Dinner with the girls

On Tuesday evening I headed across to The Cat's Pyjamas after work for dinner with my friends, Teddy and Sarah. I'd never been to this restaurant before but I absolutely loved it - the decor was totally gorgeous and the food was pretty yummy too. Plus it was lovely to catch up with the girls.

4) Mini egg brownies

10 favourites this week Sam and I don't have many Easter traditions, but the one thing I do every single year is to make some indulgent brownies. Usually I opt for creme egg brownies, but this year we switched things up and we made these yummy mini egg ones - they were super easy to make and very yummy (so much so that my Dad ate 3!).

5) Booking our Amsterdam accommodation

It's now less than a month until my girly trip to Amsterdam with Sam and Beverley and this week we finally got round to sorting out our accommodation. We'll be staying at the Generator Hostel (in a private room, because we too old for dorms, obvs) and I'm really excited as it looks so cool. It even has a club in the basement!

6) Fundraising for Blossom's Legacy

FullSizeRender-2This weekend we had our first official fundraising event since we found out that Blossom's Legacy is now a registered charity and it went really well. We were bucket shaking at our local supermarket and managed to raise an incredible £3000 in two days which we are absolutely chuffed with!

7) Friday night in

On Friday night I had a night in with my Mum, sister and cousin and it was just what the doctor ordered. We had a chippy tea, drank plenty of wine and laughed so much that I actually worried that I was going to stop breathing. Sometimes some quality time with your favourite people is the best medicine.

8) Being by the sea

On Saturday afternoon we drove across to Anglesey to spend the weekend with Sam's family. His parents have spent the last couple of years building the most incredible house by the sea this has been the first weekend that we've all been to stay since it was finished. I can't tell you how nice it was to wake up yesterday and sit by the window looking out over the sea while I caught up on blogging - bliss!

9) A lovely Easter with Sam's family

We had a lovely day yesterday celebrating Easter with Sam's family. We had a lovely big brunch (complete with obligatory buck's fizz, natch), a big ol' country walk and a delicious roast dinner. Throw in plenty of cuddles with our little baby nephew and all of the chocolate and it was a pretty perfect day.

10) Working on something new

For a little while now I've been thinking about starting a newsletter, and this week I have finally put the wheels in motion to get it started. The newsletter will be called "The Weekly Pep Talk" and will go out every Sunday - it'll be a big ol' dose of positivity and motivation to get you all fired up and ready for the fresh week ahead. Expect personal essays, links to inspiring reads and plenty of happiness. If you'd like it in your inbox, then sign up here - the first one will go this week.