10 favourites this week (#122)


Ahhhh, Monday again already. Why is it that the best weekends are always the ones that whizz by most quickly? If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably have seen that I spent the past few days in Amsterdam with two of my favourite travel bloggers. We had such a great time eating epic brunches, wandering along the pretty canals and completely putting the world to rights. As a result, heading back to work today feels a bit, well, meh.

Anyway, before I start feeling too sorry for myself, here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) A breakfast date at Layne's

Sam and I got the new week off to a lovely start last Monday with a little breakfast date at Laynes. We arrived in town earlier than planned and rather than both heading off work we had a proper catch up over coffees and yummy food. I had the Yorkshire rarebit which was absolutely yummy and way more exciting than my usual Monday cereal.

2) Upping my Pinterest game

So despite reading everywhere that Pinterest is a total game changer for blog traffic, I've never really used it in a strategic way before. Last week I downloaded a couple of blogger guides and got to work organising all of my boards - it was actually pretty therapeutic to do and I'm hoping it starts to pay off soon. You can follow my boards here if you're interested!

3) Reorganising our attic room

Our little attic room is my favourite room in the whole house - Sam and I use it as a joint blogging/music room and I always feel way more creative when I work from there. However, in the last couple of months it's been totally overrun with wedding DIY stuff and books galore, so last week I spent a bit of time reorganising it and making it feel like a relaxing space again. Now I'm back to totally loving it and have been spending more time up there than I have done in ages.

4) Lots of blogging inspiration

I don't know whether it's because I've been reading lots of blogs recently or because I've been planning lots of content that I'm really excited about, but I feel like I'm full of blogging inspo at the moment! I've got so many ideas that I can't wait to bring to life and I've just got this sense that there's some really good stuff around the corner. Watch this space...

5) At Home With... podcast

If you know me you'll know that I love a good podcast - I listen to them all the time on my commute to work and am always on the hunt for new ones to add to my playlist. Last week I gave the first episode of At Home With... by The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles a listen and absolutely loved it - I'm looking forward to hearing more.

6) Burgers at Meat Liquor

I'm a big fan of a really good burger and Meat Liquor has to be one of my all time fave places to enjoy one. So when Sam suggested we head there for some dinner after work last week, I was absolutely on board! It didn't disappoint - my burger was to die for and those dead hippy fries are just the absolute best.

7) Spending the weekend in Amsterdam

I think you all know me well enough by now to know that my favourite way to spend a weekend is on a European city break, so spending the last few days in Amsterdam has been just dreamy. I won't go into too much detail about what we got up to as I'm planning to put a few posts together, but it's safe to say that I remain head over heels with that beautiful city and I know I'll be back again soon.

8) So much yummy brunch

One particular highlight of our weekend away was the food, or more specifically, the brunch! We had three absolutely amazing brunches and it was so lovely to start the day slowly, chatting away over delicious food and perfect flat whites. I really do need to make the effort to go for brunch more here in the UK as I love it.

9) Hanging out with Beverley and Sam

I couldn't write this week's post without giving a huge shout out to Beverley and Sam for being such ace travel partners. We booked this trip on a bit of a whim Christmas and I'm so glad we did as we had the best time. There's something about spending the weekend with ambitious, kickass ladies that leaves you feeling a bit like the best version of yourself and as a result I feel totally ready to boss the week ahead now!

10)  Getting excited about the next few weeks

Amsterdam was the last big thing I had in my diary before the wedding, so now that the weekend is over I feel like I am truly in countdown mode now! There is still quite a lot of stuff to get done before the big day (most of it involves me giving suppliers all of my money...) so I'm hoping that I can crack on this week and get ahead of myself on the organisation front. Exciting times!

How was your week? What did you get up to? I'd love to know!