10 favourites this week (#127)


Happy Monday people! I'm in an exceptionally good mood today because it's finally WEDDING WEEK! After nearly 18 months of planning, I can't quite believe that it's almost time for us to get married. It's going to be such an exciting week - I've just got one day in the office and two days in London to battle through first and then the fun can really begin.

But anyway, I should probably crack on with telling you about last week's faves, shouldn't I? Here goes...

1) Picking up my wedding dress

10 favourites this weekMy week got off to a crack start with a Monday that was way more exciting than the average - my Mum and I headed to Wilmslow to finally collect my gorgeous wedding dress! It felt so amazing to try it on with all of the alterations made and I can't bloody wait to wear it on Saturday - in fact, I'm already feeling pretty miffed that I'll only get to wear it once.

2) Planning my outfits for New York

Some people hate packing for holidays but I actually secretly like it, and the part I enjoy most is planning all my outfits! I think it makes it all the more exciting knowing which pretty dresses you'll be donning while you're away, and I had loads of fun on Tuesday evening trying all my favourite clothes on and styling them up with shoes and accessories. Let me know if you'd like me to shoot an outfit post or two while I'm in New York...

3) Finding a little kitten to adopt

Sam and I have been talking about getting a pet for quite a long while now and we'd agreed that we would finally take the plunge once the wedding was out the way. When I saw that there were some little abandoned kitties up for adoption on a Facebook group this week, we volunteered take one and our new little fur ball will be joining us when we get back from honeymoon. We're off to meet her this evening and I actually cannot wait! Please leave me a comment if you have any top tips for getting a kitten settled in with minimal fuss.

4) Getting wine delivered in the post

IMG_9102Yes, you read that right - this week I had wine delivered in the post. I'm totally winning at life, right?! The lovely folk at Le Petit Ballon sent me one of their wine subscription boxes and it was such a lovely treat to come home to after a very stressful day. The wines are handpicked and they come with a little magazine that tells you all about the tasting notes and what to pair it with. Such a great idea!

5) The launch of Blossom's Legacy

Friday night saw the launch of Blossom's Legacy, the charity that my family and I have set up in memory of my gorgeous little cousin who sadly passed away after a tragic accident last summer. I'm going to write more about the launch and the charity later in the week, but the event on Friday was definitely a highlight of my week. It was emotional and sad at times, but I was also filled with more pride and love than I knew was possible.

6) Having a sleepover with my little cousin

After the launch on Friday evening we had my little cousin, Hudson, over for a sleepover. He's 3 years old and the most fun - so full of mischief and humour and cheek. I had such a fab time hanging out with him, from playing football to having snuggles on the sofa - he really is the cutest.

7) Wedding advent calendar

FullSizeRender 4On Saturday morning my sister revealed that she had a surprise for me - a wedding advent calendar! She's made 7 little bags filled with a gift for me to open each day in the run up to the wedding - isn't that just the best idea ever?! My first couple of gifts have been amazing and I can't wait to see what else I've got in store this week. My sister has been such an amazingly helpful and thoughtful maid of honour and this has just been the icing on the cake!

8) A weekend of pampering

This weekend has been all about getting my wedding pamper on and I have enjoyed every second! I had my hair done on Saturday morning (it's so blonde and lovely now - my cousin is a miracle worker!) and also had Russian volume lashes applied for the first time. Just a couple of nail appointments and a face mask or two to go and I should be feeling a million dollars on Saturday!

9) Sunshine

How GLORIOUS has the weather been this weekend? Blue skies make everything better and sitting in the garden soaking up the vitamin D during the last few days has just made me feel so happy. Heck, it even makes Mondays at the office better, doesn't it?! Here's hoping that the sunshine decides to stick around for another weekend...

10) Two yummy BBQs

FullSizeRender 3When the weather is this great it's practically the law to have a BBQ, right!? So this weekend, Sam and I had not just one, but two! We stocked up on yummy grub at M&S, made some delicious frozen cocktails and spent some quality time hanging out in our little yard. Just perfection!