Choosing My Bridal Scent With Jo Malone


I'm just going to put a little disclaimer out there before I start gushing that this post is absolutely in no way, shape or form sponsored. I booked our Jo Malone bridal consultation entirely off my own back but the experience we had was so great that I felt obliged to tell all of you lovely readers about it. So now that's out the way, let's get started. When I got engaged, one piece of advice that lots of people gave me was to wear a different perfume on my wedding day. Apparently smell is one of the most important senses linked to memory, and so the theory is that if you were something different to your usual scent, any sniff of it in the future will bring back all the memories and emotions of your big day in a flash.

With that in mind, I visited the fragrance hall in Harvey Nics to try and choose a new perfume, but I was struggling to find anything and kept getting drawn back to my old faves. Then someone suggested that I give the Jo Malone bridal consultation a try - I've never owned a Jo Malone cologne before but I have lots of friends who are huge fans so I figured it was worth a try.

jo malone bridal consultationI booked an appointment at the Jo Malone concession in the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool and went along with my Mum and sister a couple of weeks ago. We were greeted by a lovely lady called Sarah who was just a total dream and helped us so much. She started by getting us comfy and opening a bottle of Prosecco for us before asking what sort of scents I would usually go for. She then went and selected a couple of fragrances for us to try that she thought I would like.

One of the great things about the scents at Jo Malone is that they're all designed to be compatible with each other, so you can layer up two or three different scents to create something totally unique to you and your day. Sarah created a couple of combos for me to try, and after a blind sniff test the combo we all loved the most was Orange Blossom layered with Nectarine Blossom & Honey. The fact that they both had Blossom in the title definitely made us all a tad emotional and it just made the scents feel all the more special.

Once we'd settled on the fragrances Sarah then gave me a lovely hand and arm massage before applying the scents so that I could see what they'd smell like on my skin. It was such a nice, relaxing experience and our glasses were topped up with fizz the whole time. Sarah also went out of her way to help my Mum and sister find scents they loved too and was just generally so helpful and kind.

jo malone bridal consultationShe showed us all of the different products that were available in our chosen scents but there was absolutely no pressure to buy - she even made sure she left us alone while we decided so there was none of that awkward chat! In the end I decided to go for the Orange Blossom body creme and my lovely Mum very kindly treated me to the Nectarine Blossom & Honey cologne. Sarah also very kindly popped a little sample of the Vitamin E body scrub in my bag for me to use the night before the wedding too which was a nice touch.

All of our goodies were boxed up beautifully before the Jo Malone ladies waved us off with plenty of well wishes. It was such a lovely way to spend an hour with my Mum and sister and I'd absolutely recommend it to any other brides to be looking for a little pamper or a nice experience to share with a bridesmaid. I can't WAIT to use my products at the weekend and I know I'll be back soon to buy the candles in the same scents.