Adding A Bit Of Luxury To Your Holiday


I'm always on the hunt for a good bargain whenever I'm booking a holiday. I like to get away as often as I possibly can, which means that I try and keep costs down wherever I can - call it the little and often approach. As a result, my holidays are usually far from luxurious. Exciting, fun and adventurous - yes, but they're usually more on the budget scale than VIP.

However, if there's one time in your life that calls for a little bit of luxury, then a honeymoon is probably it. As you read this I'll be celebrating wedded bliss in New York with my brand new husband, and while we still opted for cheap flights and a reasonably priced hotel, I felt like we needed some extra little touches to make this trip feel that bit more special.

So today I thought I'd share with you my top tips for adding a bit of luxury to your holiday. Spoiler: it doesn't have to break the bank...

Check into the airport lounge

This wasn't something I'd ever have thought of doing before, but my Mum treated us to it for this trip and we loved it! In most airports you can pay for entrance to one of the lounges for around £25 per person and it really does make the whole airport experience feel more luxurious.

We were in a child free lounge which meant that everything was lovely and chilled, the service was super quick and, most importantly, the prosecco was free flowing! There was also free wifi and charging points at every table which is basically a blogger's dream. For not that much more than we probably would have spent on breakfast at one of the restaurants we were able to get our holiday started in style, and it definitely set the tone for a luxurious honeymoon!

Pack some luxurious goodies

There's something really lovely about buying things and saving them just for holidays, isn't there? It kind of adds to the excitement knowing you'll get to use them all whenever you reach your chosen destination. The choice for travel miniatures on the market isn't brilliant at the moment (so many basic brands!) but you'll be glad to hear that Neom are changing that...

They've released a range of Wellbeing on the Go products that are perfect for packing in your hand luggage so that you can take a little bit of luxury away with you. The travel products are available in two scents - Make You Happy or Instantly Destress (which would be a good choice if you're an anxious traveller!) - so you can choose which one suits the sort of pampering you need better.

I've got some of the lovely Make You Happy products with me here in New York and using them every morning feels like such a nice treat - no Boots 3 for 2 miniatures for this happy honeymooner!

Scout out the happy hours

There's nothing like a nice cocktail or a glass of fizz to scream "I'm on holiday!", but when you're travelling in cities in particular, the cost of booze can quickly make a dent in your budget. One way to get around this is to scout out the happy hours - I've found on my travels that most cities have them and they mean you can have a little treat without breaking the bank!

Another way to get your fizz fix without spending a fortune is bottomless brunches which are taking off pretty much everywhere too. Do your research on other blogs and local websites - we've found a whole host of places here in NYC to enjoy half price drinkies, and some of them even have epic views of the city!

Budget for a super fancy meal

My last tip is one that Sam and I like to do whenever we go away. Back home we never treat ourselves to a super fancy meal, opting for street food options or the cheap restaurant in our local village, so whenever we're on holiday, we make sure we budget for somewhere we'd never go back at home.

If you work it into your budget up front it doesn't feel like too much of a stretch, and I find that when you're dealing with foreign currency it kinda feels like Monopoly money anyway so you don't feel as guilty! Plus you can find cheaper places to eat on the days either side to make up for it.

But nothing beats that feeling of ordering a delicious steak, a pricey bottle of wine and absolutely enjoying every second of it - true luxury!

So these are my tips for adding a bit of luxury to your holiday - do you have any more for me?

*Some of the products in this post have been sent to me for review, but as ever, all opinions are my own