Back To Reality


It feels like just two minutes ago that I was writing this post signing off for our wedding and honeymoon, and now here we are, two weeks on already. I'm back in the UK after the best trip to New York, have one day back at work under my belt and am currently getting ready to crack on with lots of mundane household chores. The glam times have most certainly come to an end. It's crazy how time works, isn't it? We've been counting down to our wedding and honeymoon for over a year, and just like that, it's suddenly all over and real life resumes. To think that this time two weeks ago I was getting ready with all my best friends and family for our big day feels so weird to me - it somehow feels like it was just yesterday and yet also like months have passed since that day.

I can honestly hand on heart say that the last two weeks have been the best of my entire life. I've never felt so lucky to have such incredible friends and family, who pulled out all the stops to ensure we had the best wedding in the history of ever (totally not biased, honest). I've never felt so grateful that I get to be on a team with Sam for the rest of my life. I've never made so many happy memories in such a short space of time. I have honestly woken up every single day since our wedding feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

After such brilliant highs, I was worried that we'd get back from New York and the blues would be hitting me hard. That real life would be feeling a little bit drab and lifeless after such an amazing couple of weeks. That I'd be missing that pre-wedding buzz and the excitement of having something to countdown to. But the truth is, I've come home happier and more content than I can ever remember being.

I think part of it is down to the fact that I've had those two full weeks off work. I'm used to taking lots of little trips, so this break from work was the longest one I've had since I graduated back in 2011 (yep, ya gal is really that old). I managed to really switch off and relax in the past week or so, and I think that has done my mind the world of good. Plus, getting to spend so much time in two of my favourite places with all the people I love most in the world probably helped too.

But I think the other reason I'm feeling so content is because I'm pretty bloody happy with how life is ticking along at the moment. We had to put a lot of things on pause to free up enough time (and cash!) to plan the wedding, and now that our nuptials are over, we can get cracking again, full steam ahead. It's exciting to know that we can throw ourselves into the projects that we haven't had the headspace for in recent months.

There's our little house, which once we've recouped some savings, we can start to renovate and get it looking exactly how we want. There are new challenges on the horizon at work which are sure to keep my brain occupied. I've got new adventures to plan with Sam, from little weekends away, to the West Coast roadtrip we're planning for next spring. And there's a whole summer spilling out in front of us, just waiting to be filled with lazy BBQs and evening strolls and rooftop drinks.

And all that time that has previously been taken up with wedmin can now be dedicated to this little ol' blog. I've had ideas and plans bubbling up in me for months now and I'm so excited to finally have the creative energy and time to put them into motion. Nothing makes me happier than creating stuff I love and so I know that getting stuck in will help to keep any post wedding comedowns at bay.

I feel almost like I used to in September when I was a student - like there's fresh starts to be had and plenty of time to be filled with the things I love. Our big day might be over, but our marriage is only just beginning, and that makes me feel so lucky.

So yeah, I suppose that while Leeds might not be ~quite~ as sparkly and lovely as New York, getting back to reality isn't all that bad.