Living My #TRUEAGE with Seven Seas


My god it's been a while since I've had a health post up on here, hasn't it?! In all honesty, it's because I feel like I've actually been a pretty good place with my physical health. My IBS symptoms have been practically non-existent and I think I've finally cracked the balance of gentle exercise and a little bit of everything in moderation. But I'm always on the lookout for ways I can make little improvements to my health, and so when the lovely team at Seven Seas got in touch with me to see if I'd be interested in having my Omega-3 levels tested, I was intrigued. I'm not a huge fish lover and so I've always been conscious that despite my varied and balance diet, I might be missing out where Omega-3 is concerned.

Having a healthy level of Omega-3 is important for so many reasons - not only does it support your bones and promote heart health, it also helps to maintain normal vision and brain function. Basically, all the stuff we need to be happy and healthy humans.

seven seas trueageThe team at Seven Seas sent me a little finger prick blood test to do (totally painless, even for a wuss like me!) which was then analysed and the results sent off to Professor Calder, a Professor of Nutritional Immunology within Medicine at the University of Southampton. A few days later I had my results, and they were definitely a bit of a wake up call for me...

The test measures the fatty acids in your blood and an Omega-3 index is assigned based on the level of the relevant fatty acids that are found. The Omega-3 index threshold for concern is 4, and my own score came in below this at 3.3 which is definitely not great and something I'm determined to rectify.

I'll be working with Seven Seas for the next 3 months to try and build up my Omega-3 levels, and I'll be doing this by taking their Cod Liver Oil Maximum Strength capsules every day. These capsules are great because they also contain vitamin D, which let's face it, is a little hard to come by sometimes in the UK, but is so important for a healthy immune system.

seven seas trueageI'll then be retested after that period and hopefully my results will be much more positive this time! I'm hoping that by building up my levels, I'll be feeling much healthier and stronger - Seven Seas believe in living your #TRUEAGE, which is the age you feel on your inside, and mine could definitely do with coming down by a couple of years!

I'll be updating you guys on my progress so keep your eyes peeled for a second post. In the meantime, you can check out Seven Seas on Twitter and Facebook, or stock up on your own products.

*This post was sponsored by Seven Seas.