12 Things That Happen When You Get Married


So Sam and I have nearly been married for two months now already, can you believe it?! I wasn't really expecting anything to change all that much after the wedding day - Sam and I have been together for nearly 7 years now and we've been living together for over 5, so we were practically an old married couple anyway. But there have been a few things I've noticed, and as it's been a really long time since I put a list together on this blog, I thought I'd round them all up here for you. Here are 12 things that happen when you get married...

1) You'll get really confused about anniversaries. Like, can we still milk celebrating our dating anniversary thesedays, or is it purely the wedding anniversary all the way? I say both...

2) Birthdays and special occasions become way more exciting because you can finally shop from the husband/wife section in Paperchase. That's a whole new untapped potential of cards and even better, they seem to be way less soppy than the boyfriend ones!

3) You'll regularly become confused about what your name is. I get that this only happens if you're changing your name, which isn't always the norm now, but I've spent the majority of the past two months trying to remember if I'm Sophie Cliff or Mrs Airey and writing the wrong thing down every time.

4) Everyone will think it's totally acceptable to start saying "it'll be a baby next!" and glancing at your stomach to see if they can spot a bump. Nope, that's not a baby, just the large burrito I had for lunch today, sorry.

5) You'll feel like you're playing at being a grown up whenever you refer to your partner as your husband/wife. Like seriously, how am I old enough to have a real life husband?!

6) You won't know what to do with all of the spare time you have on your hands now that planning is over. Spending your evenings watching Netflix instead of hand writing 120 name tags will feel like such a luxury.

7) It will take every ounce of willpower to resist showing every person you meet your wedding photos. "Hi strange lady on the bus, would you like to see a photo of me wearing a really nice white dress?!"

8) You'll get a little jolt of excitement every time you catch sight of the new ring on your partner's left hand. Who knew a chunk of metal could make someone instantly more attractive?

9) You can't help but start planning new adventures to fill the void of wedding planning. You totally need to book those holidays just to keep your organisational skills sharp.

10) You'll keep reading wedding blogs just to compare how your wedding matched up to everyone else's and will feel a little bit sad that you won't get to do it all again.

11) You suddenly realise you have disposable income again now that you don't have to save for photographers and caterers anymore. Real grown ups would save it, but as you're already starting to feel old, you'll probably just spend it on shoes instead.

12) You'll feel like more of a team now that you're officially married. There's something about standing up there and committing to each other for eternity in front of all of your friends and family that will make you feel like you're an unbeatable duo now.