Back In The Game


Oh hello there! Guess who's home from her holidays? Yep, that would be me. A very exhausted but happy ol' me. After a bloody brilliant and busy week away, I'm back in lovely Leeds and have been reunited with my keyboard. It's only been 7 days since I last sat and wrote to you all, which is no time at all, but I've missed it. I never usually go for longer than a couple of days without sharing my rambles and inner workings of my brain, and as much as I've enjoyed having a break from blogging, I'm oh so happy to be back.

I've come back from our holiday absolutely buzzing with ideas and have already got lots of content mapped out for the next few weeks which I hope you'll all enjoy. We had a fab time exploring some new places, and I can't wait to share all the details with you. I'll be putting together lots of in depth posts, but for today I thought I'd just sit and chat to you all.

So what can I tell you about our trip? We stayed in the dreamiest French chateau ever with our best pals for a few days which was awesome. We felt oh so fancy with our private pool and gigantic house and hire car upgrades (like seriously, we had a brand new BMW with allllll the mod cons). We drank a lot of Aperol spritz and played games and ate baked camembert and laughed so much that I *may* have sprouted some abs underneath my many layers of French cheese/bread bloat.

I watched my beautiful best friend marry her lovely boy, and felt absolutely honoured to walk down the aisle with her as her bridesmaid. Steph and I both lived together at uni and met our husbands while we were there. I can remember us dissecting our first dates with them over a late night cuppa and sharing all the nervousness of new relationships together, and so it has felt extra special to share not only our big days, but the wedding planning build up too. She looked incredible, the venue was beautiful and we spent the evening dancing under the stars until the wee hours. It's a day I'll always remember.

Once we'd recovered (which took a while) we spent some time in Toulouse. It's a beautiful city, filled with gorgeous architecture and magnificent churches and a pretty river. We only had one day there but it was lovely, especially as we got to spend a bonus evening with our friends. And then it was on to Madrid for a couple of days, where I enjoyed one of the best city breaks I've ever had. Seriously, I fell so hard for the place that I've penned an entire love letter to Madrid that will be up tomorrow.

Reading this back I can see why it's felt like we've been away for so much longer than a week. We've squeezed so much in, and I'm really glad that I made the decision to enjoy it all in the moment rather than trying to keep up with work and blogging while I was away. Sure, it meant that my email inbox was a bit scary yesterday, but the memories I made were worth the few hours it'll take to clear it again.

And now I'm back, and it's September (say what?!) and I'm ready to get cracking with the rest of the year. I feel refreshed and inspired in the sort of way that comes with taking a break, and the fact that a brand new season is rolling out in front of us definitely helps. I'm feeling ready for world domination, who's with me?!


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