5 Things Blogging Has Taught Me


5 things blogging has taught meHappy Wednesday everyone, how the bloody hell are you doing? I'm back with another blogging related post for you all, because it seems like you're enjoying them! I've shared my best blogging tips with you recently and busted some blogging myths too, but today I thought I'd share some of the things that blogging has taught me. Because it's taught me a lot - I honestly can't remember what life was like before this little online space came into it!

So without further ado, here are 5 things blogging has taught me...

5 things blogging has taught me5 things blogging has taught me1) The scary things are usually worth it

Blogging has brought me plenty of scary moments over the past couple of years - from hitting publish on a post that makes me feel vulnerable, to heading off on a press trip with people I've never met before, I've been pushed out of my comfort zone a lot. But the lesson I've learnt is that no matter how uncomfortable they may feel at the time, the scary things are usually worth it. Whether it's the new friends blogging has brought me or the greater sense of confidence, I'll always be grateful that I put myself out there, and it's a learning I try to apply to other areas of my life.

2) I'm way more creative than I thought

Despite being pretty creative during my school days (don't wanna brag but I did bag the art prize at secondary school...), a very dry degree subject and a string of corporate jobs made me doubt that I had any sort of creative streak left - there's something about looking at spreadsheets all day that will do that to a gal! However, blogging has made me realise that I'm way more creative than I thought - from generating ideas to exploring new and exciting ways to produce content, the right hand side of my brain has never seen more action.

5 things blogging has taught me3) I'm motivated by human connection

I know this sounds a little bit corny, but bear with me. When I first started writing this blog, I thought it would just be a cool way to document my travels and the stuff I'd been getting up to here in Leeds. However, as I've started to write about more personal topics in the last couple of years, I've realised that what I'm really motivated by is connecting with other people and sharing experiences. Nothing makes me happier than someone reaching out to me to let me know that my post has helped them in some way, and that's what keeps me sharing the difficult stuff as well as the exciting travels and sassy outfits.

4) Writing helps me process stuff

Before I started this blog, it had been a really long time since I'd sat down and written anything longer than a tweet. I reckon the last time was probably during a writing course I did at uni, which means it had been a good 3-4 years since I'd let my thoughts flow into a blank word document, something which feels totally crazy to me now! This past year especially, I've realised that writing helps me process stuff - the good, the bad, the difficult. It helps me sort through my emotions and feelings in a way that feels natural to me, and I can't imagine not having it as an outlet now.

5) Meeting people off the internet isn't weird

Last but by no means least is the blogging lesson that has brought the most joy into my life - meeting people off the internet isn't weird! If you'd have told me 3 years ago that some of my best pals would be ladies I met on Twitter, I would have thought you were a bit odd. We're always told that the internet is full of weirdos trying to catfish us, and while there probably are a few of those, there are also some wonderful weirdos too who I'm now lucky enough to have in my life. These ladies aren't just great friends, they're my personal cheerleaders, fellow wine drinkers and holiday buddies - I'm so glad the internet brought them to me!

Leather Jacket - La Redoute | Blouse - Zara | Skirt - Topshop | Boots - Dr Martens | Bag - Primark | Sunglasses - Anthropologie

There you have it - 5 things blogging has taught me over the past few years. Boy am I glad I started this blog! If you're also a blogger, what have you learned?