A Little Reminder


Life is short and messy and painful and unpredictable. The only thing any of us know is that we have a finite amount of time on this planet. We might have 28 years or 80 years or 102, but regardless, the number of days for us to fill with love and life and fun is limited.

Don't waste them doing something you hate. Don't keep doing the thing that makes you dread getting out of bed every morning. Don't spend precious hours stewing over the shitty thing your friend said or the argument you had with your boss yesterday. Don't waste your one unique and wonderful life worrying about things that might never happen.

Instead, listen to your heart. Do something you love every single day, even if your current situation only allows you to do it for half an hour. Be generous with your time and your spirit and your forgiveness. Prioritise the stuff that's really important - the stuff that sets your soul on fire. Make memories with the people who are important to you. Laugh hard and often. Call your grandparents and ask them the questions you've always wanted to know the answers to.

Remember that so long as you have your health, everything else can be figured out. Don't just tell people that you love them - show them in every way you can. Show up for the people who are important to you, and don't waste time trying to change the mind of those you don't see eye to eye with.

Be grateful for everything you have right now. Count your lucky stars daily and savour every single special moment. We hear phrases like "you only live once" and "life can change in a split second" so many times that we can start to become immune to them, not really listening any more. But they're cliches for a good reason - because they're true.

Life is a lottery and none of us know what our fates will be, how many good days we'll be granted. So make the most of every single hour and don't waste a drop. We owe it to every single loved one who has ever been lost too soon.