10 favourites this week (#141)


Happy Monday from Spain! If you follow me on Instagram then you'll probably have seen that I've spent this weekend exploring Bilbao, and today we're off to check out San Sebastián. We've had a lovely time so far, and I'm pretty sure that sunshine and sea views is going to beat my average Monday... How has your week been? Mine has been ace, for the reasons above and plenty more. Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) An epic book haul

Nothing makes me happier than placing a little Amazon order and this week I had the most epic book has delivered to my desk, including Sheryl Sandberg's Option B and Hilary Clinton's memoir about the recent election. They arrived just in time as I've well and truly found my reading bug again this week - I've read 3 books already during this trip!

2) The return of Our Girl

Another mention for brilliant autumn TV in my favourites - this week was all about the return of Our Girl, which is a drama that I've loved following over the past few years. The first episode of the new series was great and I'm looking forward to seeing what Corporal Georgie Lane gets up to over the next few weeks - who else watches it?

3) The Heart Of It podcast

I think I've mentioned Estee Lalonde's brilliant podcast, The Heart Of It, here on the blog before, but I'm including it again this week as I've loved catching up with her most recent episodes. The podcast is unlike any other I've listened to - it weaves personal anecdotes, interviews and old fashioned reporting together to create something unique and incredibly interesting. Would definitely recommend.

4) Planning some UK breaks

While this week has been all about chasing the last of the Spanish sun before the winter sets in, we've also been busy planning some UK breaks too. We'll be heading to Rudding Park for a little spa break in a couple of weeks time and we've also been doing some research for our trip to Edinburgh in December too. I love exploring the UK so all this planning has been making me very excited!

5) Getting back into a good sleep routine

I'm someone who absolutely loves sleep and can usually fall asleep anywhere and everywhere, but recently I've been really struggling to get my 8 hours a night. However, the past few weeks I've been prioritising a good night's sleep over everything else and it's really working - plus, I feel so much more refreshed and energetic as a result.

6) A lovely Friday lunch

I took a half day from work on Friday and before heading to the train station, Sam and I decided to squeeze in a little lunch date. We headed to Water Lane Boathouse in Leeds and ate yummy pizza and drank Aperol spritzes - it was so nice to spend some time together and definitely got us into the holiday mood.

7) Enjoying the sunshine in Bilbao

We have been so, so lucky with the weather this weekend - apparently it's usually a bit rainy in Bilbao at this time of year, but we've been treated to blue skies and temperatures in the late twenties for the last couple of days. It's been so nice to feel the sun on our faces after a cold and grey couple of weeks in the UK and I'm hoping it's helped topped our vitamin D levels up a bit too.

8) Checking out the Guggenheim

The Guggenheim was top of our list for this trip and it did not disappoint. Not only was the collection of art incredible, our trip has coincided with the 20th anniversary of the museum which means that there has been loads of cool stuff going on, including an amazing light projection on the side of the impressive building. It was super cool and a very happy coincidence!

9) A yummy 7 course tasting menu

The Basque region is well known for being a foodie mecca, and so on Saturday night Sam and I decided to treat ourselves to the tasting menu at a restaurant that had been recommended to us by a Leeds chef. All 7 courses were totally incredible and we had very happy bellies by the end of the evening. Plus we got to eat al fresco which always feels pretty special, doesn't it?

10) A lazy Sunday in the sun

After ticking off lots of tourist hotspots on Saturday, we had a much more relaxed day in Bilbao yesterday. We slept in, ate a late breakfast by the river and then headed up to the summit of Mount Artxanda for a delicious slow paced lunch in the sunshine. We drank wine and read our books and walked home along the pretty streets - a perfect Sunday in my book.

How has your week been? What have you been up to?