21 Things That Make December The Best


1) Getting up every morning and creeping downstairs to turn the lights on the Christmas tree on. Is there anything more festive?! 2) The fact that it's socially acceptable to wear sequins at all time, even for really dull stuff like Monday meetings at work.

3) Advent calendars. Why can't we adopt the whole chocolate for breakfast routine all year round?

4) All of the deals on party food meaning that you're tempted to eat mini mac and cheese balls and pigs in blankets for every meal.

5) Trying to figure out which of the pressies under the tree are yours and being desperate to know what's in them.

6) Christmas films being on the telly all the time. Like "oh what's that, Love Actually is on on a casual Thursday?!"

7) Having catch ups in the diary with all of your mates cause 'tis the season to drink Prosecco and all that.

8) Christmas songs on the radio. It's impossible to arrive at work feeling grumpy if you've been singing along to Wham on the commute.

9) Seeing fairy lights everywhere you go. I wholeheartedly believe we should get to keep them all year round.

10) The way everyone is just in a jolly little mood all the time. You know it's Christmas when people start smiling on the bus rather than grunting when you ask them to move their bag.

11) Working your way through an entire Terry's chocolate orange while watching Home Alone and Elf.

12) Having a legitimate excuse to re-watch the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special (also known as the best Christmas special of all time, duh).

13) The fact that there's always treats in the office. Mince pies, a tub of Roses, gingerbread - you name it, I'll eat it.

14) Justifying having a cheeseboard and mulled wine for dinner because, duh, it's Christmas.

15) Hearing people singing carols in the train station and wanting to cry with joy.

16) Treating yourself to a Baileys nightcap because nothing screams December like getting fat from Irish cream liquor.

17) Digging out the old stack of board games and falling out with 98% of your family over a game of Trivial Pursuit.

18) Pretty wreaths on front doors providing alllll the Instagram fodder you could ever need.

19) Choosing pressies for everyone you love and feeling so excited because you know you've absolutely nailed it.

20) Counting down the days until you can don your best festive PJs and wear them for three days straight while eating all the festive foods.

21) Getting to spend the season with all the people you love the most and feeling very grateful for them <3