The Three Cookbooks We Use The Most


One of the things that happen as you get older is that the gifts people buy you tend to err on the practical side as opposed to the frivolous bits you might have been used to as a teenager. One of my favourite practical gifts to receive is cookbooks - I'm a bit of a weirdo and love reading them (in fact, now I think about it, I love reading anything to do with food...) but I also find them really handy too. It's quite easy to get stuck in a rut with mealtimes, but a new cookbook can be just the thing to give you a fresh burst of inspiration. I do find though that quite a lot of our collection goes unused, and we end up reaching for our old favourites time and time again. So today, I thought I'd tell you about the three cookbooks we use the most - hopefully it will be useful if you need to pick up some last minute gifts, or perhaps you can send this post on to that auntie who keeps asking you what you want for Christmas...

Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food

the 3 cookbooks we use the mostSam bought me this book for Christmas a couple of years ago and it's an absolute favourite of mine. I'm a huge fan of Nigella and really enjoy her TV shows - I just absolutely love how much she appears to enjoy food and the pleasure she gets from feeding her loved ones. This book contains recipes for any occasion, from midweek meals, to feasts that are perfect for feeding a crowd.

It's a book I always come back to when I need to inject a bit of excitement into our meal plan, and we've got some absolute favourites, like the fish tacos or halloumi with a quick sweet chilli sauce. Nothing is too complicated to put together and the ingredients are usually staples you can find in the supermarket.

SPUNTINO: Comfort Food (New York Style)

the 3 cookbooks we use the mostSome of you might have read my review of Spuntino, which is my favourite restaurant in London, and this cookbook is packed full of recipes for the dishes they serve there. This is the book that gets pulled out whenever we have friends round for dinner or a special occasion to celebrate - the recipes are indulgent, but oh so delicious.

The standout recipe has to be the mac and cheese, which many friends have said is the best they've ever eaten - it's seriously calorie laden and tastes all the better for it! The book is also filled with beautiful imagery of New York, so a good one to pick up if you're buying for someone who is a fan of the Big Apple.

Get The Glow: Delicious & Easy Recipes That Will Nourish You From The Inside Out

the 3 cookbooks we use the mostIf Spuntino is the cookbook we reach for when we fancy something a little bit naughty, the recipes in Get The Glow are probably the ones we turn to to offset the indulgence. I'll admit that I've bought a lot of the healthier cookbooks over the last few years, but it's this one by Madeleine Shaw that's my absolute fave.

The recipes are easy, and unlike some books of a similar ilk, rely on normal, everyday ingredients. The focus is on eating real food, and some of my favourites include the Thai beef salad, turkey meatballs and smoky roast chicken with sweet potato. This is a good book to pick up if you'd like to add some more nutritious meals to your roster - in fact, it's perfect for January!

There you have it, the three cookbooks we use the most. Do you own any of these? What's your favourite cookbook?