3 Mantras I Try To Live By


In an age of beautifully designed Instagram quotes and slogan everything, I think it's quite normal to have a couple of little mantras or phrases that you cling to to help guide you through life. Words are a nice way of reminding yourself what you truly believe in, and I find myself coming back to the same little phrases whenever I need that extra boost of inspiration. So today I thought I'd share with you all the 3 mantras I try to live by and the reasons why. Here goes...

1) Good for you, not for me

We all know that comparison is thief of joy, but that doesn't stop us scrolling Instagram and wondering why we aren't frolicking around in Bali or buying a stupidly expensive house in London, does it? Whenever I feel those sour twinges of envy, I try and stop to think about what is causing those feelings - is it because I am genuinely jealous of what that other person has, or is that I'm hooked on that familiar treadmill of always feeling like I have to strive for the next big thing?

More often than not, it's the latter, and that's where the mantra "good for you, not for me" comes in. Just because someone else has achieved something cool doesn't mean that I need to achieve it too - it sounds obvious I know, but our brains are funny things and in an age of constant announcements on social media, it helps me to stay true to myself and my own goals.

2) No guts, no glory

I can't remember where I first read this phrase, but it's something I remind myself of on pretty much a daily basis. In fact, I rely on this little mantra so much that I reckon that if I was ever going to get a tattoo, it would be these words that I'd have etched on my body. This is the mantra I come back to whenever I find myself doubting my decisions or when I feel fear trying to stop me from pushing out of my comfort zone.

It reminds me that you have to take risks sometimes to get what you really want, that you have to be brave and have courage and make difficult decisions in order to live life to the very full. Thinking this way stops me from playing small, and for that reason, "no guts, no glory" will always be a mantra that I try to live by.

3) You get out what you put in

Last but by no means least is a mantra that I believe can be applied to all areas of life - "you get out what you put in". It's a simple approach, but I find that putting this little mantra into action in my professional and personal life can make all the difference. Acknowledging that careers, relationships and side hustles all require a persistent effort keeps me focussed and stops me from getting distracted when things don't go to plan.

I also like to apply this little quote in a more spiritual sense too - I truly believe that the more good you put out into the world, the more good will find it's way back to you. It helps me to keep my thoughts positive and to practice gratitude for everything that I have in life.

So there you have it, three mantras I try to live by. Do you have any words that you use to guide you through life?

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