10 favourites this week (#150)


Happy Monday everyone, and welcome to my first favourites post of 2018! I've really missed writing these posts over the last couple of months - they're always my favourite ones to write and I absolutely love having a little record of everything that's made me smile. So let's crack on, shall we? Despite this week being the first one back at work and Christmas being well and truly over, I've actually had so much fun, and I'm dying to tell you all about it.

1) Spending New Year's morning with our nephew

Our year got off to a pretty great start because we got to spend the morning hanging out with our lovely little baby nephew. We watched Cars 2, did high fives (his new favourite trick) and laughed as he crawled around the living room chasing the cat. If 2018 involves more of that, I'll be a very happy lady.

2) Launching my first e-course

I spent New Year's Day doing something super exciting - launching my very first e-course! It's all about growing your blog with a full time job and I've been totally overwhelmed by how many people signed up to the course this week. It's not too late to join in if you're interested, just head over here to find out more.

3) Finishing decorating our spare room

This week we finally got around to finishing decorating our spare room which put a huge smile on my face. I have to admit that it has taken us around 18 months to get to this point, but I'm super happy with how it's looking now we've hung some curtains and put some pictures up. I'm determined to make this the year that we get our house properly finished - watch this space!

4) Getting into the swing of my new job

As you might know I started a new job the week before Christmas, and this week I feel like I've finally been getting into the swing of things! I'm really enjoying the challenge of doing something new and it's been nice to get to know all of my new colleagues. Plus I'm working in the beauty industry for the first time in my life which is proving to be lots of fun.

5) Re-watching The OC from the beginning

You all know by now that I'm a big fan of re-watching my favourite boxsets - first it was Gossip Girl, then it was Sex and the City, and now me and Sam are binging our way through The OC right from the beginning. Watching it makes me feel equal parts nostalgic for my college days and excited to visit California for the first time this year.

6) Some lovely Anthropologie goodies

When I left my last job my lovely colleagues were kind enough to buy me a voucher for my favourite ever shop, Anthropologie. I decided to save it for when the sales kicked in and this week I had a delivery full of goodies arrive, including this gorgeous planner and this pretty new necklace.

7) This Works pillow spray

You might have seen over on Instagram that I've been raving about the This Works pillow spray this week. I had a mini sample in the beauty advent calendar that my Mum got me and I loved it so much that Sam bought me a fill sized one for Christmas. I've been dousing my pillow in it every night this week and it has honestly made the world of difference to my sleep!

8) Meeting the new family puppy

My Mum and Dad got a new puppy this week and I got to meet her on Friday night. She's a Bedlington Terrier called Betty and she is honestly SO CUTE. I'd forgotten just how playful puppies are and I have to admit that my heart melted a little bit when she fell asleep curled up next to me.

9) Pretend Christmas with Sam's family

On Saturday we had one last Christmas celebration with Sam's family at his auntie's house, complete with crackers, party poppers and Secret Santa! It was so lovely to hang out and catch up on everyone's news, plus there was some really yummy food and family games involved too. An all round brilliant day.

10) A super chilled out Sunday

We rounded the week off in my absolute favourite way - with a super chilled out Sunday! We made a duvet den on the sofa, put the fire on and did a whole lot of nothing all day and it was blissful. It was so nice to spend some time together just the two of us after a busy couple of weeks and it left me feeling super refreshed.

What have you all been up to this week?