How I Stay On Top Of My To Do List As A Travel Blogger - Part 1


I know that it’s not cool to bang on about how busy you are these days, but I have to admit that running this blog alongside a hectic full time job keeps me pretty busy indeed. I spend around 3 days a week travelling for work, and on top of that, weekends are often busy with trips or social commitments. It can be difficult to stay on top of everything when I’m constantly on the move, and without my trusty to do list, I’m not sure I’d ever get anything done.

This week, I thought I’d show you exactly how I stay on top of my to do list as a travel blogger. Blogging involves much more than just writing a quick post and hitting publish, so I thought it would be fun to take you behind the scenes and show you exactly what’s on my list and why.

Then, at the end of the week, I’ll show you what I’ve managed to get ticked off my list, and how I fitted it in to my busy schedule. Hopefully it will not only show you a little bit more about the life of a travel blogger, but there should also be a couple of handy productivity hacks in there too!

So, let’s start with this week’s to do list, shall we?

1) Schedule social media

As I’m constantly on the go for work, I rely a lot on tools to help me schedule my social media updates. Scheduling means that I can post at times when I would otherwise be unavailable (such as in a meeting) and it helps me to keep the conversation flowing during busier periods.

I’ve got two full days out of the office this week, and a lot of early morning starts, so scheduling my social media is a priority on the to do list.

2) Book train tickets to London

One thing that’s always on a travel blogger’s to do list is booking trips! Sam and I are spending a weekend down in London next month and so I need to get our train tickets booked this week.

I always like to book our travel in advance as you can save so much money - plus, I always feel like you can really look forward to the trip once the travel arrangements are sorted. Plus, I know that by booking my train tickets directly with Virgin Trains on the East Coast, I’ll also be entitled to free wifi - a must have for a travel blogger on the go!

3) Do some research for our trip to Barcelona

Sam and I are off to Barcelona next week (I can’t wait!) and so one of the things on my to do list this week is to do some research for our trip. Whenever I take a trip, I’m conscious that I want my content to be the best that it can be, so doing lots of research up front helps me to be sure that I’m covering all the right spots while I’m there.

That means at some point this week I need to scour Pinterest, guide books and other blogs for tips on what to see and where to eat/drink in Barcelona.

4) Edit photos from our trip to Liverpool

I spent the weekend just gone in Liverpool with my family and I want to write all about it, however first I need to edit the photos. I like to edit all of my photos in a similar way to keep some consistency on the blog, but it can be a time consuming task.

I’m hoping that I can find a spare hour somewhere this week to get this done so that I can tell you all about the fun weekend we had!

5) Write 4 x blog posts

And of course, on top of all that, I also need to actually write some blog posts! I’m trying to share 4 blog posts a week at the moment, and I’m brimming with ideas, but actually finding the time to sit down and write them is another matter.

However, I’ve got a busy weekend coming up, so I really need to get this done before Friday - watch this space…

So, that’s my travel blogging to do list for this week. It feels like a lot when I think about how much time each task takes, but hopefully I’ll be able to use my best productivity secrets to get it all done before the week is out.

Keep your eyes peeled for another post later in the week when I’ll be telling you how I got on…

* This post was sponsored by Virgin Trains on the East Coast - however, all views and to do lists are very much my own.

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How I Stay On Top Of My To Do List As A Travel Blogger