What I Learned From Launching My First E-Course


At the beginning of the year I did something exciting - I launched my very first e-course. The idea for How To Grow Your Blog With A Full Time Job popped into my head in the autumn of last year, and as soon as I started fleshing it out further, I knew it was a project I wanted to run with. A few months on, there are now a whole tribe of bloggers who have graduated from the course feeling more determined and confident about their blogging skills and ambitions than ever before, and that makes me SO PROUD. Writing and launching this e-course has been an absolute joy, and today I wanted to reflect and write about that.

Here's what I learned from launching my first e-course...

1) If you really want to do something, you can find the time

I had the idea for this e-course at about the exact same time as I started my new demanding and time hungry job. I worried that I would struggle to find the time to sit down and write the eight chapters I committed to, but I managed to publish between 3000 and 5000 words of wisdom each and every single week.

It's made me realise that if I really want to do something, I can find the time, even when I'm already crazy busy. There are so many things I have put off because I thought I didn't have the time, so this has been a big learning for me.

what i learned from launching my first e-course2) I actually know a lot about blogging

Because I came to blogging quite a bit later than most established bloggers, I often tell myself that I don't know as much about the industry as everyone else. However, after writing over 35,000 words about the subject, I've realised I actually know quite a bit about blogging!

It's really boosted my confidence to see exactly how much I do know, and sharing all of the tips and tricks I've picked up over the past 3 years with my students has been ace. I love blogging so much, and watching other people fall in love with it again too has put a huge smile on my face.

3) I really do love blogging

As well as realising just how much I know about the industry, I've also been reminded about how much I really do love blogging. This hobby of mine bring me so much joy - having a creative outlet that relies on nobody but me makes me happy every single day.

It's so easy to get bogged down in the numbers game or feel like you're slipping behind everyone else, but writing this course reminded me of the elements of blogging I adore. Creating content that people enjoy and connecting with you wonderful readers everyday is an absolute pleasure.

4) I love connecting with other people

Perhaps the biggest thing I learned from launching my first e-course is just how much I love connecting with other people. I got a real buzz from interacting with my students and listening to their ideas or celebrating their progression, and watching them form their own little tribes was so rewarding.

It's really made me think about how I can build this connection into my blogging experience more, which is something I've been squirrelling away on in the background. Watch this space for an exciting announcement over the next couple of weeks!


So there you have it, everything I've learned from launching my first e-course! If you're interested in the course, you can find it out more here. I'm also very happy to offer you lovely lot a 25% discount when you use the code BLOG25 - that means you can learn everything I know about blogging for the bargain price of £37.50!

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What I Learned From Launching My First E-Course