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Some of my favourite posts to read on other people's blogs are the "day/week in the life" diary style ones. What can I say, I'm a nosey person, and I love being able to see how other people spend their days and how they manage to squeeze everything in. Given that I love learning about other people's lives so much, I thought that you guy might enjoy that too. So last week I kept track of everything I got up to and compiled my own week in the life. It was a busy old week, but I hope it gives you a pretty good insight into how I balance my full time job with this blog and my social life.

Monday - London

I started the week in the same way that I start every week - on a train to London! I always spend Monday and Tuesday working from our central London office, and this week was no different. Despite not always loving the early alarm, Mondays are one of my favourite days of the week - they're always busy and filled with fun meetings.

One of the best things about being down in London so regularly is that I get the opportunity to catch up with friends who live there. On Monday evening I met the lovely Ellie for dinner after work, and we spent a few hours talking all things blogging and travel, which was really fun. I also managed to get a bit of blogging done before bed - I like to get as much scheduled as possible at the beginning of the week so I feel organised.

Tuesday - A change of plan

As mentioned, I usually spend Tuesdays in London too, and that was the plan this week. I started off with visiting one of the salons that I manage, but when I got back to the office, I realised that the servers were down and everyone had been sent to work from home. So I postponed my meetings and hopped on an earlier train back to Leeds.

I made the most of getting home earlier by catching up on some work, getting on top of my blog emails, heading out for a run along the canal and making a yummy tea. It was really nice to have a bit of bonus time at home with Sam and the cat, especially because the rest of the week was quite full on.

Wednesday - Working from home

Wednesday was a bit of a quiet day, with nothing too exciting to report! I usually spend my working from home days tied to my desk and cracking on with the to do list, and they're always my most productive days. When I break for lunch I often take any pictures that I need for my blog (got to make the most of that natural daylight!) or get on top of any household chores, like washing or ironing.

I headed out for another run once the working day was done, before making dinner for Sam and I. The rest of the evening was spent cross stitching in front of the telly - I'm really trying to cut down on the amount of time I spend on my phone and laptop in the evenings, and I find that cross stitch is a good distraction.

Thursday - Manchester

I had another early start on Thursday, as I spent the day in Manchester for work. One of the salons that I manage is based there, so I headed across on the train and got stuck into a day of meetings, marketing and planning. Luckily for me, the lovely Emma was also working in Manchester that day, so we arranged to meet for a drink and a catch up after work which was really nice.

I then spent the evening at a gig with Sam and some of our friends. One of my favourite things about living up north is being able to easily travel between cities - it means that we can always take advantage of events that happen in Manchester as well as Leeds!

Friday - Leeds

For my final working day of the week, I headed into Leeds to set up shop in my favourite coffee shop, La Bottega Milanese. I always find that I get loads done when I'm working from a coffee shop, so it was good to have some time powering through the to do list before the weekend rolled around. Working in the city centre meant that I got to meet up with my old team for lunch too.

Once I'd finished work, I met Beverley for a couple of drinks and a good old catch up. I've struggled to stay in touch with all of my Leeds friends since starting my new job as I'm just not in the city centre very much anymore, so it was really nice to see her. I then headed home to get packed and showered ready for our weekend away.

Saturday - Brussels

On Saturday morning our alarm went off at 3.30am, which of course is only acceptable for one reason - a holiday! We jumped in the car and set off for Manchester airport, where we met my family and checked in for a weekend in Brussels. We'd snapped up bargain flights that allowed us to spend the weekend in the city without using any annual leave - basically the dream scenario for a travel blogger with a full time job!

We arrived in Brussels pretty early and spent the day in my favourite possible way - wandering around, exploring a new city and eating as many local delicacies (chips and waffles, obvs!) as possible. We also consumer a fair amount of Belgian beer too which probably explains why I had a slightly sore head the next day...

Sunday - Brussels

On Sunday we had another long day of exploring the city. We kicked off with a very delicious brunch to ease the beer hangovers, before setting off to see some of the areas we'd missed the day before. It was pretty cold which meant that we couldn't stay outside for too long, but I feel like we saw a decent amount of the city considering we were only there for one night.

After one last waffle and another stroll through Grand Place, the beautiful square in the city centre, we collected our bags from the hotel and made our way back to the airport. A few hours later we landed back in Manchester, and by midnight I was tucked up in bed getting some much needed sleep before a new week rolled round.

Phew, just writing all of that down has made me feel pretty tired! Like I said, last week was a busier one than usual with the gig and our weekend away, but it was a very lovely week all the same. What does your typical week look like?

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