Some Beauty Products I'm Loving At The Moment


You guys all know that I am by no means a beauty expert. I struggle to straighten my own hair and I've had the same make up look for a decade now, so I'm never going to be the kind of blogger who's on top of all the latest products and trends. I'm pretty loyal with the products that I use, but every now and then I find something new that I love, and this year I've actually got a nice little tribe of new beauty faves. So I thought I'd share them with you today - they range from total bargain to a bit of a splurge, and cover everything from make up to haircare.

Here are some beauty products I'm loving at the moment...

beauty products i'm loving

I'm going to get the priciest products out of the way first! Hourglass is a brand I've admired from afar for a while - their products are beautiful (I mean just look at that blusher!), but I was never really sure that they were worth the price tag.

However, after having a little makeover with an Hourglass make up artist at Space NK last month, I was sold. She used a whole host of products to create a lovely dewy look, and I loved 3 of them so much I had my credit card out faster than you can say splurge.

First up is the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. I don't usually wear a primer, but the make up artist recommended this one for me as I have patches of dry skin on my face and my foundation tends to cling. This primer is almost like a serum, so really ensures that your face is hydrated before you put your foundation on. The thing that really sold me on it though is that it has multiple uses - as well as being a primer, you can use the product as a hydrating mask or even to help with dry ends in your hair. I'm always on the lookout for multi-use products as they're great for travelling with, and this one will definitely be coming on my honeymoon with me.

Next up I purchased their new Illusion foundation. Now I'll admit that this is the most expensive foundation I've ever bought, but my god is it worth the money! It contains hyaluronic acid which helps to keep the skin looking plump and the formula of the foundation just gives me such a nice dewy glow. It's the best "your skin but better" foundation I've ever found. It's not an everyday product given the price, but I always look forward to using it for occasions and events.

Finally, my lovely Mum treated me to one of their gorgeous Ambient Lighting blushes. I am just obsessed with this product - the blush is not only beautiful to look at, but it gives my cheeks such a lovely healthy glow. I can't wait until I've got a bit of a summer tan as I just know that it will look even better!

beauty products i'm loving

Next up I've got a couple of hair care products to share with you all. In the interest of full disclosure, I was actually sent this Marula Oil shampoo and conditioner by the brand, but I love it so much that they're already on my list to re-purchase once I run out.

I have quite flat hair, so I usually struggle with any of the nice oil based hair products as they leave it looking even lanker than usual. However, the volumizing formula in this shampoo and conditioner deliver the shine I'm after, plus plenty of bounce too - score. Plus, the bottles look very pretty on the side of the bath...

You probably won't be surprised to see a couple of Glossier products on this list - I am nothing if not a millennial cliché after all! I ordered a few of their most popular products, and while I wasn't enamoured by them all, I did fall in love with these two.

First up is the Moisturising Moon Mask which is one of my most used skincare products at the moment. As mentioned above, I suffer with quite dry skin, and I find this works absolute wonders for it, particularly during the colder snaps of weather we've had. The mask is super easy to apply and I find that the product lasts ages too.

The other Glossier buy I've been loving is Boy Brow. I've seen so many people claiming to love this and I can totally see why! I have quite thick brows so I don't really need to fill them, but applying a bit of this brow gel helps to tame them and keep them looking defined.

The last product on my list is the least glamorous but also the most used! I have tried so many moisturisers in my time, including most of the expensive hyped ones, but I've never found one that I love as much as the Q10 renew cream from Aldi. It costs less than a fiver so you can apply it liberally, and it leaves my skin feeling moisturised without any irritation.

I genuinely use this every single day - I love the formula, and the fact that it has SPF in it means I don't need to worry about building an extra step into my routine. It doesn't look as pretty on your bathroom counter as some products, but who cares if it does the job on a budget?!

Wow, that turned into quite the ramble didn't it?! It's pretty clear to see how much I'm loving these products - what have been your recent beauty faves?