A Little Life Catch Up


Oh hi there lovely readers. How the bloody hell are you all?! While I've been churning out a fair bit of content on this blog recently, it feels like ages since I've sat down and just had a bit of a life catch up with you all. I feel like to keep up with the bloggersphere these days, you have to put more effort into creating content that is polished and interesting and informative - that's fine, but sometimes I just miss sitting down with my laptop and writing some general life rambles for you all.

So that's what this post will be today - a little internal monologue about everything that's been going on in my life and the stuff that's currently buzzing around my head.

So, what can I tell ya? I feel like I should start with work, seeing as that is taking up such a big part of my life at the moment. I've banged on about it quite a few times on this blog, so you probably all already know that I started a new job just before Christmas. It's been a huge change for me in lots of ways - the company is much smaller, the industry is different, and instead of being based in a Leeds office everyday, I'm splitting my working days between London and home.

But dya know what? I'm loving it. I have the most brilliant, kickass team, and I'm getting such a buzz out of seeing the results of my hard work already. I'm enjoying the contrast of working in my PJs at home and in a busy central London office, and generally, I think the change has just done me the world of good. I'd started to feel a bit downbeat about all things career, but this job has definitely helped me to relocate my enthusiasm and drive.

In my personal life, I've been trying to keep things a little calmer while I settled into the change, and I've generally been enjoying living life at a slower pace. Mid-week evenings are pretty much off limits because of all the travelling I've been doing, so weekends have become much more sacred to me. We've been spending more time at home pottering and just hanging out with family, and it's done me the world of good.

I've also been making a real effort to live a little healthier too. I've been working out consistently for the first time in years, and Sam and I have been really trying to make more meals at home using plenty of nutritious ingredients. Coupled with plenty of sleep and rest, I'm feeling more myself than I have done in ages. I always find after a busy period, like starting a new job, that I slip into bad habits, so it's been nice to be a little bit more conscious about our routine and make some adjustments.

Travel wise, you'll have seen that we've had a couple of little city breaks and UK trips so far this year, but now we're on the countdown to our big west coast road trip. We've got all of our hotels booked now and a rough itinerary sorted, and I can honestly tell you that I've never been this excited for a holiday before in my whole life. Every time I think about stepping on that plane to LA my stomach flips over with giddiness, in the same way it did on Christmas Eve when I was a kid.

It will be the first proper two week holiday I've taken since I joined the world of full time work 8 years ago, and the first trip of this length that Sam and I have ever been on together. I just can't wait for some really quality time hanging out with each other and visiting a part of the world that has been on our bucket list for so long - bring it on!

And finally, the other thing that's always on my mind, of course, is blogging. I've been writing this blog for a good 3 and a half years now, and the blogging industry has changed so much since I first signed up for my own Wordpress domain. I'll be writing a little more about the changes in the blogging industry later in the week, but from a personal perspective, I've been thinking a lot about the content I actually enjoy producing and making sure that I'm doing that, rather than pushing everything in a direction I think it "should" go.

I miss the more off the cuff diary style posts and general ramblings, and I miss this place being a pure creative outlet, as opposed to thinking super strategically about every post. I'm going to make a real effort over the coming months to go back to the style of blogging that I really love, rather than trying to keep up with everybody else and getting lost in the crowds.

So there you have it, a heck of a lot of words about everything that's been going on in my life recently. What the heck have you lot all been up to?!

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