My Slow(er) Living Challenge: Week 4


It's time for a review of week 4 of my slow living challenge, and honestly I can't believe that I'm a third of the way through already! I'm really enjoying these little weekly challenges, and I genuinely do feel like the small changes are making me happier, more present and more productive. I won't pretend that this week's challenge wasn't a difficult one, but you can read about how I got on below...

The Challenge

This week’s challenge was a full of week without spending money on clothes/books/beauty products/unnecessary items. I didn't expect to find it so difficult, but with pay day slap bang in the middle of the week, I definitely missed my little splurge!

Did I manage it? 

Pretty much! The only unnecessary items I spent money on were 2 headscarves in a vintage shop totalling £5 (gotta snag those bargains while you can!) and a book each for my two friends who I spent the weekend with. In my defence, I only get to see them around every 6 months, so it made sense to pick them up for them when I knew I was seeing them this weekend, rather than faffing with expensive postage costs.

I resisted buying the many things that I admired during my lunch time online shopping scrolls, including but not limited to: a new pair of trainers, a beautiful pair of espadrilles, designer sunglasses (that were in the sale), a lamp for our living room and a fancy candle.

What have I learnt?

This challenge was a real reminder that often I spend money out of habit, rather than because I really need to. I underestimated how strong the urge to treat myself around payday was going to be - don't get me wrong, I only ever buy 1 or 2 bits, but those little splurges soon add up!

Resisting buying anything for a whole week also made me realise that more often than not, if I wait a couple of days, I care a lot less about buying whatever I've had my eye on. Case in point - I was adamant that I needed a new pair of espadrilles to go with a dress I'll be wearing for my friends wedding on Saturday. However, because I couldn't buy a pair, I had a good rummage in my wardrobe and found a pair of shoes that go even better.

It forced me to be more resourceful, and that's something I want to remember moving forward. With lots of things on the horizon to save for, I think that imposing a couple of days "thinking time" before buying any big purchases will help me to be a little bit more mindful about how I spend my money.

What’s next? 

This week’s challenge is a good'un - 8 hours sleep every night! I got it off to a good start last night with a whole 9 and a half hours (much needed after a boozy weekend) and I'm looking forward to getting plenty of rest this week.

I've got a super busy week ahead with lots of events and work commitments, so hopefully enforcing lots of sleep will help me to cope better. Don't forget to check in next week to see how I get on!