13 Things To Do During A Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend


I could hardly believe the weather forecast when I read it earlier in the week, but would you believe it, we actually have a sunny bank holiday weekend for the first time in.... ever?! Apparently this weekend is meant to be the earliest May bank holiday on record, so I've pulled together a little list of ways for you to enjoy it...

1) Have a BBQ

As I arrived home from work last night I could smell the divine smell of my neighbours having a BBQ. Instantly I knew that top of my agenda this weekend was to raid M&S's summer food selection and have a BBQ of our own.

2) Tidy up the garden

Of course, operation BBQ can't go ahead until we've cleared up our garden. After a long winter without any love, it's looking tired, messy, and very overgrown with weeds. I'm hoping to spend one of the sunny days out there clearing things up and making it look pretty again.

3) Sit in a pub beer garden

If you don't have an outside space of your own, do the next best thing - hit up the pub beer garden! Order a cider, put your sunglasses on and revel in the fact that half of Britain is doing the exact same thing.

4) Go on a road trip

One of my favourite things to do during a long weekend is hop in the car and head off on a little road trip, with no big plan or agenda. Whether you head to the seaside or a nearby town, there's something fun about being a little spontaneous.

5) Make some Pimms

Or an Aperol Spritz. Or any other delicious fruity cocktail. Basically, this weather is the perfect excuse to whip up a batch up of summery alcoholic beverages and enjoy them in the sunshine.

6) Have a little pamper

Shave your legs, paint your toe nails, put a little bit of fake tan on. Sashay around like you're the sassiest woman on the planet (reminder: you are).

7) Make plans for the next bank holiday

May is just the most glorious month with not one, but two bank holidays. Use a little slice of time this weekend to gather your favourite people and make some plans for the next one.

8) Wake up with the sun

Sleep with the curtains open and wake up with the sun streaming in through your windows. I promise that it will make you feel energised and ready to seize the day.

9) Make a dent in your reading list

Pack a drink, a book and some snacks in your bag. Head to the nearest park, find a sunny spot and treat yourself to a few hours getting lost in a fictional world.

10) Catch up on some chores

Chores are never fun to do, but doing them in the sunshine is was better than doing them when it's throwing it down, right?! Make a list of what you need to get done, throw your sunglasses on while you do them and then spend the rest of the weekend feeling smug.

11) Go for a walk

This weather is perfect for heading out for a stroll. Soak up the sunshine, admire all the cute dogs and take as many photos of pretty blossom trees as you can.

12) Take advantage of local activities

No matter where you live, there always seems to be so much going on during the bank holiday weekends. Do a little bit of research and get yourself to a fun event in your local area.

13) Eat an ice cream

Because, SUN. My weekend won't be done until I've devoured an old school 99er from the retro ice cream van that does the rounds on our street.

What have you all got planned this sunny bank holiday weekend?