10 favourites this week (#164)


Happy Monday you lovely lot! How are you all doing this week? I'm feeling exceptionally chipper, because today is my last Monday in work for three whole weeks. This Saturday Sam and I will be jetting off on our West Coast road trip and I feel giddy with excitement - I can't believe it's nearly here! But before I start daydreaming about sunshine and palm trees, I should probably tell you all about the things that made me smile last week. There were plenty of things that could have made the list this week, but I've whittled it down to my top 10. Here goes...

1) A bikini haul

Shopping for swimwear has got to be the most hated task in the whole wide world, but this week I struck lucky and managed to find a few bikinis that I actually love! I bought them from ASOS and Next, who both have a good range of swimwear if you have a bigger bust to accommodate.

2) Sunny morning walks

I spent a bit of time at home last week and I loved being able to start every day with a walk in the sunshine with my parents and their dogs. They live near some beautiful countryside and it was so good to get out in the fresh air before the day had really begun.

3) Getting stuck into some good books

My reading bug is well and truly back the week and I've been racing through some brilliant books on my Kindle. I'll be doing a full round up at the end of the month like I usually do, but I've really enjoyed spending some time savouring stories and getting to know some new characters this week.

4) Celebrating my Mum's birthday

Friday marked my lovely Mum's birthday and I was so happy to be able to be at home to celebrate with her. We headed out for a meal with our family on Friday night and toasted the birthday girl with Aperol spritzes and some incredibly yummy steak - it was perfect!

5) A girly night in

After eating out on Friday evening, my Mum, sister and I headed home for a girly night in. We wore matching PJs, drank prosecco and watched When Harry Met Sally while excitedly discussing out trip to New York later in the summer. It sounds cheesy but my Mum and sister are my best friends, so getting to hang out with them is always so much fun.

6) Watching the royal wedding

Of course we were all up bright and early on Saturday morning to watch all of the royal wedding coverage! I'm a sucker for a good wedding, and we were definitely all blubbing when Harry and Meghan said their vows. Plus, I'm still not over how gorgeous Meghan's veil was - it made me want to get married all over again just so I could copy it!

7) BBQing in the sunshine

We spent the rest of Saturday camped out in my Mum and Dad's garden, toasting the newlyweds with a glass of champagne and soaking up the sunshine. My Dad got the barbecue started and we had the best afternoon just chatting and eating and generally enjoying each other's company.

8) Getting a new camera

I've wanted an instant camera for ages and I had a John Lewis voucher that needed using, so I decided to finally make the purchase ready for our holiday. I opted for a gorgeous blue camera and I'm already so excited to take lots of gorgeous snaps during our trip - I'm sure I'll be sharing them with you all here.

9) Shopping and lunch with Sam

Yesterday Sam and I headed to the Trafford Centre on our way back to Leeds to finish our holiday shopping and go for some lunch together. I managed to pick up the last couple of bits that I needed which means I can get packing this week, and it was so nice just to spend a bit of time with Sam getting excited.

10) Seeing our giggly nephew

We called in to see our lovely little nephew Ralf when we got back to Leeds yesterday and he has learned so many new tricks since I last saw him a few weeks ago! He is definitely growing into a fully fledged toddler these days and it was so cute to hear him saying his own name or pretending to water the garden. We're going to miss him while we're away.

How has your week been? What have you been up to?