Honey, I'm Home!


Well hello hello hello there. I'm finally back from that holiday I haven't stopped banging on about, sat on my own sofa with a sleeping cat curled up next to me and drinking my first proper brew in over two weeks. Bliss. So tell me, how the bloody hell are you all doing? What have you all been up to during the past couple of weeks? I need you to bring me all up to speed, because believe me, I've been totally crap at keeping up to date with anything while on a whole different timezone.

And on the subject of timezones, I think it's worth caveating that I'm writing this post in an extremely jet-lagged state. We arrived back to our little house at lunch time today, after a very noisy and uncomfortable night flight (let's just say I totally sympathised with the small child sobbing "I just want to sleep" non stop for a whole hour) and a delayed train back from Manchester airport. Right now I have no idea what time of day it is, and I'm living in fear of my alarm going off for work tomorrow.

That being said, jet lag aside, I am really glad to be home. There was a moment when we were wandering around Seattle on Saturday in that kind of slow daze that comes when a holiday is coming to an end, when I worried that the blues were gonna hit me big time. Reflecting back on everything we'd seen and done and accepting that our trip was over was making me feel a bit sad and wobbly, but now that I'm home and reunited with my cat and my bed and Yorkshire tea, I'm pretty darn happy.

Getting away and seeing a different part of the world always brings me so much joy and inspiration, but truthfully, I'm a home bird at heart. Any prolonged length of time away has me hankering for routine and domesticity, like I'm some sort of 1950s housewife. I end up craving and missing the small things, like pottering around the garden watering the plants, or making our bed in the certain way I like to do it.

It has worked wonders for me to be able to take such a decent break from real life (something I'll probably write about in greater depth at some point) but I can't stress just how relaxing and restorative the past few weeks have been. Sure, they've been busy and tiring and full of excitement, but I have thoroughly enjoyed living in the moment rather than forever scrolling and comparing and trying to keep up with everybody else. There's something about being surrounded by the most incredible scenery you've ever seen to make you put your phone away and just soak it all in, and I think that distance was something I really needed.

Because now we're home, I feel like I have this sense of clarity about what I want out of life that I've never really had before. I feel ready to boldly chase after the dreams that have been playing in the back of my mind for a while, and I have an action plan and a list of ideas to get me there. And for the first time in a really long time, I have the energy and the drive to actually do it (or at least I will when the jet lag wears off, I'm sure...).

So yeah, our trip was awesome and breathtaking and the stuff of dreams. I will remember it forever, and I'm sure Sam and I will be talking incessantly about it for a really long time too. But dya know what? It's good to be home too. I'm excited to see what this next season of life has in store for us, and I'm excited to take you all along on the journey too.

Now for one last really important question before I go: do you think I'm too late to the Love Island party now, or should I try and see if I can get into it?