10 favourites this week (#166)


First up, apologies that my favourites are coming at you a little later than usual this week - Sam and I spent a couple of nights in Liverpool this weekend to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, and I wanted to enjoy the moment rather than worrying about putting a blog post together. Secondly, how LUSH is this weather?! I swear if it was always this lovely in the UK I would never leave! Anyway, let's get on with this week's favourites shall we? I had such a good week and I'm so excited to tell you all about it...

1) Our new bee door knocker

If you follow me on Instagram you'll probably have already seen my beautiful new bee door knocker because I'm obsessed with it! It's such a little thing but it has me irrationally happy - it puts the biggest smile on my face whenever I come home and see it. I feel like the front of our house looks so much prettier now.

2) Unpopped podcast

I discovered the brilliant Unpopped podcast via another podcast fave, The High Low, and it's been my favourite new find in ages. Each episode a panel of guests take a moment in pop culture history and dissect it - so far I've listened to the episodes on Bridget Jones, the Spice Girls and One Direction, and I thoroughly enjoyed them all.

3) A midweek date night 

On Wednesday Sam and I headed into town for a little midweek date night at The Tetley. We ate some delicious food, enjoyed a couple of beers and had a good old catch up on everything that's been going on since we came home from holiday. It was so lovely and we've vowed to make it a regular occurrence!

4) Scooping some sales bargains 

I was pretty adamant that I was going to avoid the sales this year, but I just couldn't resist having a little snoop around &OtherStories. I'm so glad I did because I found a dress that I've had my eye on since the beginning of the year for less than half the price! Wearing it at the weekend felt even better knowing that it was a bargain.

5) A summer solstice BBQ

My favourite thing about this time of year is the lovely long evenings, so Sam and I decided to celebrate the summer solstice with a BBQ in our little back garden. We made some spritzes, cooked some very yummy food and sat out until around 10pm - it was perfect, and I hope we get to have lots more BBQs before the summer is out.

6) Yoga

I've been doing lots of walking and running recently, and as a result my legs have been feeling so tight. This week I decided to try and incorporate a bit of yoga into my routine to help me get a good stretch, and I've been thoroughly enjoying it. I've been using the Yoga with Adriene videos which are so great for beginners like me!

7) Beautiful flowers from our friends

We had a gorgeous surprise delivery on Friday from our lovely friends in Oz to celebrate our first anniversary. They sent us some beautiful Bloom & Wild flowers and chocolates and seeing them on our fireplace has cheered me up so much. Plus, we found out this weekend that we'll get to see them in the flesh when they come home for a visit in September which is making me very happy!

8) My Le Creuset set of dreams

We had another amazing surprise from my parents and sister when I got home on Friday evening - they had very generously bought us a beautiful set of Le Creuset dishes as an anniversary gift. I can't even tell you how long I have pined for my own set of Le Creuset dishes so I was very giddy - I can't wait for our kitchen to be done now.

9) A day out in Liverpool with my family 

On Saturday we headed into Liverpool with all of my family to celebrate my lovely Auntie's 60th birthday. We went to see a play at the Royal Court theatre which was brilliant, ate a yummy teppanyaki meal and then danced the night away with my cousins. It was so nice to hang out with everyone, even if I was very hungover the next day!

10) Celebrating our first wedding anniversary

Sunday marked our first wedding anniversary - how time flies when you're having fun! We had a lovely day celebrating in Liverpool and reminiscing on what a brilliant weekend we had getting hitched last year. Plus we were treated to the most beautiful weather (and sunset!) which made it even better.

What's been making you all smile this week?