You Still Have Time


I’ve got a little Wednesday morning confession for you all: I looked at my to do list this morning and I wanted to cry. We’re almost halfway through the working week and despite every best effort to be productive, at least 90% of my to do list for this week is still untouched. My first reaction was to panic, quickly followed by a strong urge to drink gin, even though it’s only 7am. But once I’d let those irrational feelings run through me, I realised something: it’s only Wednesday. Sure, I’m not as on top of things as I’d hoped I would be by this point in the week, but I still have time. If I rearrange my diary a little bit and refocus on my priorities, I can still get plenty done. I still have time to make this week a success.

And that thought was a lightbulb moment for me. How often do we write off a day, or a week, or even a whole damn season because we think we’ve already screwed it up? How often do we give up on our goals and our plans because we worry that we’re not going to meet the deadline we’ve set for ourselves?

Probably more often than any of us cares to admit. And every single time we do that, we do ourselves a disservice. We tell ourselves a lie that limits our potential, and we give ourselves an excuse to back out before we've even properly tried.

So here’s your little mid-week reminder from me: you still have time.

Want to have a super productive week and feel like a goddamn super woman by the time 5pm on Friday rolls around? You still have three whole days to work your arse off and make that possible.

Want to make August your most successful month of the year so far? It’s still entirely possible to make that happen if you get clear on how to spend the next 15 days.

Want to make this summer the most fun one yet? You’ve still got over 5 weeks until autumn officially arrives, so get planning those BBQs and road trips and visits to the seaside.

Want to achieve some of those goals that you set yourself way back in January? You still have 4 whole months to do just that.

Believe me when I say it: you still have time.