4 Bookstores To Visit Around The World


If you've  been reading this blog for any length of time, then you'll know that two of my favourite things in life are holidays and books. I am never happier than when these two things combine and I get to visit a bookstore while on holiday - bliss. As a result, I've racked up a pretty decent list of bookstores that I've visited around the world, and today I thought I'd share four of my faves with you all. They're all pretty special and are well worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in the same city...

bookstores to visit around the world

4 Bookstores To Visit Around The World

Shakespeare And Company - Paris

Nestled on the banks of the River Seine, with a cracking view of the Notre Dame, Shakespeare and Company has to be one of the most famous bookshops in the world. Since it opened back in the 50s, it has been frequented by tonnes of famous authors, and now even boasts a publishing arm of the same name.

This bookstore is wildly romantic, with shelves that creak with the weight of the stories they hold and decades of history packed into every nook and cranny. Plus, the staff here are always more than willing to share a brilliant recommendation with you.

Powell's City of Books - Portland 

If I had to describe my idea of heaven, I'd basically describe Powell's City of Books. It's the biggest used and new bookstore in the world, with over a million books on sale and 9 huge colour-coded rooms, and it's genuinely one of the best places I have ever been.

Set in Downtown Portland, this place is worth the trip to Oregon alone. Just be sure to clear a couple of hours in your itinerary and pre-warn your pals - Sam genuinely couldn't find me for about an hour in here because there are just so many rooms full of books!

bookstores to visit around the world

Ler Devagar - Lisbon

Ler Devagar (which translates to "read slowly") is based in the hip LX Factory area of Lisbon, and is probably the prettiest of all the stores on this list. The walls are lined floor to ceiling with books, there's a grand old staircase in the middle of the store and a gorgeous flying bicycle sculpture hangs from the ceiling.

The space isn't solely used as a bookstore either - you can catch exhibitions, gigs and other events here, as well as grabbing a drink in one of their two bars.

Strand - New York

And last but by no means least is my absolute favourite book store of all - Strand in New York. I visit this place every single time I'm in the city, and never fail to leave with at least of hundred dollars of books stuffed into my tote bag.

Boasting 18 miles of books in the store just off Union Square, Strand is something of a New York institution, and for good reason. I've picked up quite a few author signed or first editions of books here, and you can always find something excellent that's set in the city too.

Have you visited any of these bookstores before? Do you have any eithers to add to the list?