10 favourites this week (#175)


Happy Monday, you lovely lot! How are you all feeling today? I'll admit that I'm feeling a little bit apprehensive as I'm about to embark on perhaps the busiest week of my career so far! But by the time we get to Friday I'll have opened two shiny new salons with my new team, so I'm sure it will be worth all of the stress and hard work. Anyway, let's crack on with this week's favourites! It was another lovely week full of things to feel very grateful about.

1) Killing Eve

Can we just talk about how awesome the telly is at the mo?! I'm not usually a huge TV watcher but I've been hooked on all of the great dramas recently. This week we started watching Killing Eve on the BBC iPlayer and we are obsessed - I can't wait to watch the last few episodes.

2) Cooking in our new kitchen

The novelty of our new kitchen definitely hasn't worn off yet and I've loved spending loads of time cooking up a storm in there this week. After weeks of living on microwave meals and takeaways I can't tell you how good it is to eat freshly cooked food again!

3) Getting my DIY on

As well as launching some new salons, we've also been giving our current ones a refurb, which meant that I spent a lot of last week getting my DIY on with my ace team. We are now flat pack furniture building pros and we had a really good laugh while we were doing it.

4) Knitting

Something about the change in the season has really brought out my inner granny and this week I embraced it by getting my knitting needles out and getting stuck into knitting some chunky winter scarves. I always find it so relaxing and I'm pretty pleased with how the scarves have turned out.

5) Book haul

I've had a couple of books on pre-order for a while now, and as if by magic they all arrived at the same time last Thursday. I love a good book haul as they always reignite my reading bug and that definitely happened this week! I'm hoping to share some reviews with you all soon.

6) Working on some exciting blog stuff

It feels like things have been pretty quiet blog wise over the summer, but this week I've been working behind the scenes on some exciting stuff! I'll hopefully be able to tell you more about it all soon, but for now, I'm enjoying the boost it's given me to my blogging mojo.

7) Catching up on sleep

I was mega run down at the beginning of last week with a horrible cold and sore throat, so I have been massively prioritising plenty of sleep and it has done me the world of good. It's amazing how a few consecutive nights of proper sleep can make you feel like a brand new human.

8) A lazy Saturday morning

I was away for work on Saturday evening and all day yesterday, so I made the most of the tiny slither of weekend I had by having a very lazy Saturday morning. I got up to make a pot of tea and then got back into my bed with my book until midday. I never usually let myself laze around so it felt very indulgent!

9) Setting up one of our new salons

I spent all of yesterday setting up one of our new salons with my lovely team. I'd usually be miffed about having to work on a Sunday, but we actually had a good laugh and I was so proud of everything we managed to achieve in a day! Bring on the rest of the week.

10) Bodyguard finale

Oh my gosh, how intense was that?! I'm not gonna write anymore on the matter in case I spoil it for anybody else, but I reckon that was up there with the best hour of TV I've ever watched!

What have you all been loving this week?