Some Goals For October


I told you all in this post that September was going to be a busy month, didn't I? Well I certainly wasn't wrong. I launched This North Works, we finished our kitchen renovation and I opened two new blowLTD beauty bars. And on top of all that, I had a truck load of fun. It was a chaotic month, and as a result I'm hoping that October will be a little calmer. I want to make the most of the first properly autumnal month, and enjoy a little bit of quiet time before the festive period really starts to kick in. Here are my goals for October...

Exercise everyday

Okay, so this is a pretty big goal as at the moment I struggle to even get out for a jog three times a week, but it's one that is really important to me. For the last few months I've been prioritising everything in my life other than me - work, the podcast, this blog - and I'm really starting to feel it. This month I want to dedicate just 20 minutes a day to something that makes me feel good about myself and my body, whether that's a slow jog along the canal, or a bit of yoga in my hotel room. Hopefully I'll be feeling much better mentally and physically by the end of the month as a result!

Get my hygge on

I'm so happy that the time of year has arrived when it's completely acceptable to cancel all plans and hibernate at home instead. This month I'm planning on spending a lot of time at home curled up in front of the fire and catching up on all the sleep I missed in September. I've got a stack of books I want to read, a load of autumn candles to burn and plenty of PJs to snuggle in. We've also got a little trip to Anglesey planned which I'm sure will be extra cosy at this time of year.

Plan my first This North Works event

You'll have probably seen that in September I launched my new project, This North Works. The focus so far has very much been on the podcast side of things, but I'm really keen to start planning the first few IRL events. I really do believe that magic happens when likeminded people come together in the same room, so that's my motivation at the moment. Let me know if you have any cool ideas about what you'd like to see!

Set some short and long term goals

Whether we like it or not, October marks the quick run into the end of the year. I always find that those last few months go so quickly, so I want to spend a bit of time this month getting clear on what I want to achieve before 2018 is over, and thinking about what I'd like 2019 to bring. I'm also starting my coaching with the brilliant Jen Carrington this month, so I'm sure that will really help me set some clear goals.

What do you want to achieve this month?